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XLR8 Performance Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System, Dual Single tips, 2004-08 Acura TL UA6, Non-Resonated, EXH-UA6-NR

Part Number:
XLR8 Performance
Product Line:
Dual Single Tip Cat-Back Exhaust System (Non-Resonated)
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TL, 2004-08 (Exc Type-S)
XLR8 Performance Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System, Dual Single tips, 2004-08 Acura TL UA6, Non-Resonated, EXH-UA6-NR



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Single tip design for base TL but also fits TL-S. XLR8 Resonated Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System: 2.5" Mid pipe to 2.25" Axlebacks with 4.5" Angled Rolled Double-Walled Exhaust Tips

XLR8 Performance Exhaust System are designed for function, form and style. Each exhaust system starts with T-304 stainless steel, known throughout the industry as the highest quality material practical for after-cat exhaust applications. All exhaust tubing is mandrel bent on sophisticated CNC machinery for a precise fit and uninterrupted exhaust flow. Whatfs more, the use of T-304 stainless steel flanges offers high strength and complete resistance to harsh elements. All hangers, resonators, and tips are T-304 stainless steel as well.

The mufflers used are built specifically for each system and are designed in accord with years of racing and street development invested into the design. Each muffler is tuned to match its application for the best possible performance gain and sound quality combination. Each muffler is polished to a high gloss beautiful finish; the rest of the stainless steel system is finished in a natural satin finish.

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Customer Questions


Hey, what gives? I ordered a non-resonated system and what I got has what appears to be a round muffler-looking thing in the mid looks like a resonator! Explain?


That is technically NOT a resonator. It is a PRT chamber (Purge Resonance Technology) which is built into the system to make it less noisy inside the cabin. We have more on this part published here: XLR8 Performance Exhaust: Non-Resonated System Has A Resonator In It?


I want to do from the header all the way back . Do you have a header that fits to the j-pipe, then exhaust?


Your vehicle is not be equipped with traditional "headers." Before going further, we would suggest reading this article regarding the exhaust layout on your J-Series Engine equipped vehicle: An Outline Of The Exhaust Layout On J-Series Honda V6 Engines

We can provide a complete set of exhaust components from the engine to the tips, and will be happy to consult you on the needed items.


Does this xlr8 catback exhaust system include the j pipe


The J-pipe is a pipe in front of the 3rd converter on the car. A "cat-back" is a system that is all after the converters. Therefore, no a cat-back would not include a j-pipe. We do offer j-pipes as separate items though!


What is the horse power gain with this exhaust.


You might expect a 5-8 hp increase with this exhausts. That is pretty typical of most cat-backs for this car.


Is the system bolt ons or there are some welding parts


This is a complete bolt-on system with all hardware needed included. It is a driveway job!

Q:Will this work with the v3 jpipe?

Yes this exhaust will work with any of the popular j-pipe options for the TL.

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  • XLR8 EXHAUST AND XLR8 J PIPE October, 19
    By armando inoa, Grocery Getter
    Sounds great on my 08 TL. Would recommend to any other TL owner out there that's looking for an exhaust that's not too loud but sounds decent. Kinda like a low tone growling lion. Just like Hyder said^, in the cabin it sounds like a bunch of monks humming.
  • very nice May, 18
    By Hyder Ahmed, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Very nice deep tones and gives the car some more pep and enjoyability. Cabin noise is a noticeable when you step on it otherwise its not very load just a nice deep him like there were 100 monks in the back humming only soundtrack I need to hear in the car

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