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Heeltoe Paddock Pages: Honda S2000, 2000-09

  • Posted: 02-08-2019 01:08 AM
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S2000 Paddock Page


Welcome to Heeltoe Automotive's S2000 Paddock Page geared specifically to Honda S2000 enthusiasts, taking a break from the on-track action to sit back and take a sip to enjoy just being into their cars. It's a judgement-free zone where we want you to feel at home.

We'll try to keep this page up to date with all the latest and greatest news, info, promos, and specials we have for your car. While this page is not yet interactive, we welcome all your comments and suggestions by text, call, or email (949-295-1668 and respectively).

Dated Mar 10, 2019: Announcing our March Sales for S2000s!

  • Site-Wide Savings!
    • 5% off site-wide for orders over $500! Use coupon code "Spring19HT5"
    • 7% off side-wide for orders over $1000! Use coupon code "Spring19HT7"
    • Applies to most all items, some exclusions apply.
  • 10% off Ingalls Stiffy ETDs & Engine Mounts We do have many SKUs in stock! Use code "Spring19Stiff"
  • A free $50 Heeltoe Gift Card with any KTuner or Hondata Flashpro purchase! Activate with coupon code "Flash50" in the cart.
  • Free shipping on all Fastline Performance.
  • 10% off all chassis bushings in this Category, including Fastline Peformance, PCI, Ballade Sports, and more! Use coupon code "Spring19Bush"

Let's Deal Pre-Approved Deals

When you use the Let's Deal App to request deals with the items below, we will apply the following rules:

  • With any coilover kit from BC Racing, KW, Function Form, or Tein, get 20% off any chassis/alignment parts. Use Keyword "SusAlignLD"
  • With any Ktuner or Hondata Flashpro, get 10% off an intake and exhaust parts. Use Keyword "TuneInExLD" Qualifying parts are cold airs, ice boxes, short rams, j-pipes, headers, cat pipes, and many cat backs!
  • With any Clutchmasters clutch, get 5% off the clutch and 15% off a compatible AASCO Billet Single Mass Flywheel. Use Keyword "ClutchFlyLD'

Add the items you want into the app (it will load whatever is in your shopping cart), then copy and paste the keyword into the request text field. Hit submit and wait for your approval email.

Yes you can use more than one keyword if you are feeling extra spicy.

Not seeing the brand you want? The above are just examples! Send over requests on whatever you want a deal on and we'll work with you.

Not sure if what you want will qualify? Send over the request and find out! Not all brands can have an advertised discount so we can only give personal quotes on them.

Not sure what deal will work out best? Send over more than one! You can submit as many quote requests as you wish!


Dated Feb 7, 2019: Heeltoe re-joins the S2Ki community

Heeltoe was a supporting vendor on S2Ki for a handful of years, from around 2010 to about 2014. I don't remember exactly. Ok, maybe we weren't so thoroughly active before. But we did have some cool group buys, and to this day our Fastline Performance items such as our Locking Top Latch Buttons and Single-Outlet Bumper Caps are good, steady sellers. You possibly saw the banner we had going, featuring the stunning black AP1 of Shadow_S2K:

Max had been a lot of help with us around the S2Ki forums and we thank him a lot for that.

In recent years, forum activity has slowed down quite a lot, and because of that, many vendors—such as ourselves—felt that grass was greener for marketing and selling in other pastures; namely social media.

Yeah, forum action probably has slowed. But you know the grass over there on Facebook—it's pretty well full of the same dribble that clogged and polluted forums in the past, that made it so easy to leave before. We've been watching things and get the general feeling that spending time and energy trying to "stand out" on Facebook and Instagram is a fruitless effort unless you are collecting hordes of referrers and "influencers" to push your name constantly.

Success is based on popularity, in other words.

That's not what Heeltoe is about. We are a brand synonymous with Honesty, Trustworthiness, Reliability, and Integrity. These attributes are very hard to convey and give meaningfulness to in a space full of cynicism, trend slaves, and an excess of trolls and critics. People are getting frustrated. It's not that we can't hack it. We just don't have quite as captive an audience as we'd like.

Which brings us back 'round to the forums again. This time, though, we are trying something a little new. This page, being the first new thing. It's just an idea for now but we will want to develop this site location into something of a bridge between you and our store. The stand-out stuff we'll try to highlight here for you. Things that are new, or newsworthy, we'll like to highlight them here. Promotions will be announced here as well.  So in other words, this page is not going to remain static. We'll be curating our "log" of S2000 activity here so you can check back from time to time to see what is new.


Get a discount on

We've got a coupon for you! Just for being a fan of S2000s and of Heeltoe, we welcome you to use coupon code "s2kfan" in the Heeltoe cart. This coupon works on most everything on our site so use it at will!


From the Help File:

We wanted to share a tip for shopping on Heeltoe that may make shopping there more fun.

Shopping on the Heeltoe site is like most other car parts sites in that picking a car will filter the store by that car and reduce the parts shown to those that are most relevant to you. The design of our site is meant to be clean and minimal, and very mobile-forward in look and function. It works great, although the newer version of the site in development now is a little more intuitive in the afore-mentioned aspect of car selection.

In case you have any trouble finding things on, we just want to highlight the importance of opening the read My Car tab on the left of the screen and entering your car there. That is how the site filters down choices.

Also, the homepage has a feed of parts that have been recently updated or added, but to target in on a specific item you might be looking for, use the Find Parts tab on the left.

Just a couple tips we wanted to share to help your shopping experience a little better!


Dated Nov 11, 2018: CT Engineering Icebox Intakes:

If you had not heard, CT Engineering closed it's doors last year. Thankfully not all their products have sunset and Heeltoe Automotive was fortunate enough to come up on all the tooling and designs for creating their popular Icebox Intake line. Learn a little more on that in this article we've been keeping updated as we move along with re-creating the CT Icebox Intake lineup.


Dated Dec 19, 2017: Ingalls Stiffy ETDs:

Heeltoe had largely introduced the Ingalls ETD, or Engine Torque Damper, to S2Ki when we started offing group-buys for them in 2010 on S2Ki. (Heeltoe's got some real history with S2000s!) We did two or three buys in all, but then the product got pretty popular and regular sales trumped the need to keep doing bulk buys. Well, fast forward to 2017 and the story really gets interesting, as Dorman Products, a large and renown OER parts supplier, took over Ingalls Engineering's entire business! We got nervous because the Stiffy ETD is such a great S2000 part, we didn't want them to disappear.

So we opened an account with Dorman parts to continue offering the part. That sounds like a pretty simple thing but actually Dorman isn’t set up like most of the companies we deal with. It took some work getting the account all set up and the minimum orders for stocking are larger than we are doing with most other vendors. It's just not a brand that a lot of our competitors would align with.

But the ETDs were really important to us, especially for the S2000 community, so we get the account going and now we stock plenty of Ingalls Stiffy ETDs on hand and ready to ship!


About the Author

Marcus di Sabella Marcus is the founder of Heeltoe Automotive. He's been working with cars (mostly Honda cars) since 1996, and has been providing enthusiasts with excellent products, services, and web experiences since 2002. He's been published in Honda Tuning, and holds a degree in Engineering Technology.


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