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Medieval-Pro Torsion Bars for 1g Integras; Retrofit Your Car With CRX tubes.

  • Posted: 11-11-2018 05:06 PM
  • Suspension

Well 86-89 Integra Folks, we have good news and not-so-good news.

The good news is that Heeltoe received our Medieval Pro 100 piece torsion bar shipment recently after 90 days on order and we are preparing to fill backorders now for 24, 27, and the all-new 30mm size.

Not-so-good for you is that all bars are CRX length.

We have gone over things here numerous times and we cannot make sense out of a full production of Integra bars. We would need to charge twice as much for them and we don't think that would be fair.

Some redeeming good-ish news is that CRX bars can be used in Integras with a CRX torsion tube. This is slightly inconvenient to do because CRX tubes don't exactly grow on trees, but it is not something new or dramatic to have to do. People have done it for years. Here is a great tutorial on it:…/d…/unproc/integra/tor%20bar.html

Also, besides being able to install them in an Integra, a great benefit to using the CRX bars is that the shorter bars have higher rates. Heeltoe has found that a 24mm bar in an Integra is much softer feeling than a 24mm bar in a CRX, because the added length of the bar makes it overall easier to twist, thereby reducing the effective wheel-rate. This is compounded by the Integra control arms being longer, which act as a longer lever-arm on the effectively softer bar. The Integra benefits significantly from a CRX bar retrofit for this reason. Because 30mm bars in an Integra will feel more like the 30mm rate they are billed as, not like a 27mm as they would in an Integra length (In other words, a 30mm bar in an Integra feels like a 27mm would in a CRX. And that the true, higher rate is simply unavailable in an Integra if we used an Integra length because we can't make them any larger than 30mm).

To make things easier for Integra owners, we had considered and even planned on doing a custom torsion-tube shortening program for people on a core-exchange basis, but upon analysis of the impact to the material after welding and the load the bars would be putting on the tube the risk of fracture was too high and we ditched that idea.

So the best answer for now is, get a hold of some CRX/Civic torsion tubes. We are working as best as we can to obtain a supply of CRX tubes which we want to offer alongside the CRX bars for Integra drivers, and are hoping to do so at the lowest price we can. If you are able to obtain your own Civic or CRX bars then that is fantastic. Otherwise we are here in your corner to get these great bars on supply to you for your performance! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments, either here or on my direct line: 949-295-1668.

For more on torsion bar selection, see our wheel rate chart here:…

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Marcus di Sabella Marcus is the founder of Heeltoe Automotive. He's been working with cars (mostly Honda cars) since 1996, and has been providing enthusiasts with excellent products, services, and web experiences since 2002. He's been published in Honda Tuning, and holds a degree in Engineering Technology.


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