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Heeltoe Meets 27WON at their Vancouver, WA Offices

  • Posted: 02-28-2018 12:54 AM
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Business as usual.

New car comes out. Existing brands scramble for test cars. Parts are prototyped. Some are tested. First to market is the best. It feels like the aggressiveness behind the tenth-generation Civic parts development is fast 'n' loud, and in a lot of cases the winners have already been called before the most cars are even nearing warranty expiration.

But then came 27WON...on a mission to reinvent what is modern-day Honda-car parts development.

Born as a fresh, new, brand-based concept set to "redefine" the aftermarket landscape, 27WON has taken a much more patient and calculated approach to earning customers by first earning followers. The name itself harkens back to the earliest days of Honda Formula 1 racing as it remembers the 1964 Honda RA271; the manufacturer's first competition F1 car. As that car set out to redefine the Japanese automaker's presence in the automotive world through racing, 27WON is on a mission to redefine what it means to be a performance parts manufacturer in a world rife with low cost, sub-standard, and vapor-ware engineering.

Given that 27WON is based in nearby Vancouver, Washington I decided I needed to go say hi and learn more about was behind this interesting new concept.

Heeltoe Marcus meets 27WON Vincent.

With a demeanor that is approachable but also well directed, Vincent educated me a little more about how his business is conceived and managed. The best businesses are concerned more with creating a vision and executing it through all their actions. Deciding to aim away from glitzy pieces of shit bolted to all manor of wanna-be Instafamous sheeple's cars, Vincent gave 27WON a more respectable vision. One complimentary to the Honda brand itself; encompassing quality of construction and efficient performance that encourages a passion for motoring and a love of the drive.

Out in the shop space I see the Civic Sport Hatch that is the initial basis for 27WON development.

27WON parts are all meticulously designed and tested to look great, make power, compliment the base vehicle's engineering, and inspire greatness in all that is Honda-modding. Above all, 27WON mods are designed to make the car's owner feel great about their purchase. By impressing the branding everywhere from an app that has installation manuals and parts breakdowns to the box the items ship in (at this writing the exhaust is the only item ready to ship).

The exhaust, shown above on 27WON's roadgoing Civic Sport Hatch, is an innovative design to say the least. Whether or not the extra tubes and such are a gimmick or effective is a point nullified by the excellent fabrication and build quality, not to mention the quality of the system's sound. Exhaust systems are one of the holy trinity of distinctive car mods (alongside lowering and wheels) and the 27WON solution never fails to disappoint.

However, it is the next piece in the 27WON line that has me more intrigued. An optimized air intake system is probably the most frequently first-bought power modification an enthusiast will spring for. 27WON has conceptualized an intake system which they figure will be the best possible product available. Attention to detail has resulted in a design that has a highly streamlined interior surface, a high-mounted filter to keep it away from debris encased in a CAD-designed airbox to shield it from under-hood air and safe from hydrolock risk, as well as a specially shaped snorkel to draw cooler air from outside the engine bay.

The part on everyone's radar these days though, is the MAF housing. It is widely known that the MAF housing size and design must mimic the OEM because of the ECU's hyper-sensitivity to airflow reading. By altering this design the computer would require re-tuning in order to maintain proper air-fuel ratio levels. It's an important point that folks are paying attention to…one where if not gotten completely right could result in some sketchy knock-readings a massive tidal-wave of negative public opinion—even if most of the public are re-tuning their computers anyway.

27WON's MAF is accurately enough designed to warrant giving it a gleaming orange-ano finish.

And with that, my visit with Vincent was done.

We both had work to get done and as we parted company I felt rather glad I got to meet Vincent. I love networking; more than the cars, parts, and associated hoopla. Meeting a new contact who had a fresh perspective on the industry was both informative and inspiring.

Heeltoe is excited to see what comes about with 27WON in the coming years! The intake is in production and following that they've got a nice-looking downpipe coming. After that, who knows? We'll be here to report back on exciting new developments!

About the Author

Marcus di Sabella Marcus is the founder of Heeltoe Automotive. He's been working with cars (mostly Honda cars) since 1996, and has been providing enthusiasts with excellent products, services, and web experiences since 2002. He's been published in Honda Tuning, and holds a degree in Engineering Technology.


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