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Manufacturer Feature! Hasport Performance and Innovative Mounts

  • Posted: 01-25-2018 12:42 AM
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Engine mounts, generally, aren't exciting.

Lumps of metal and rubber meant to hold the engine in a chassis, while damping vibration and noise from the engine to making driving the car more comfortable overall.

Not fun.


But wait now...this is fun...

Photo credit goes to Joey Lee of Chronicles fame.

Ok, Downstar Frank's "Heavy In the Streets" EG is rather over the top in terms of "engine-bay fun." He's pushed the boundaries and really made something unique and notable. This car showcases how an engine mount can be used to compliment a total show-Honda-build, and indeed his own "dress up" products -- an array of well-designed hardware pieces meant to add form to the function of simple nuts and bolts. His K-series is mounted in the EG-Chassis Civic with custom-anodized billet Hasport mounts. The very same mounts that Hasport sells retail, albeit with an eye-teasing, anodized hue. Take away the wild paint and anodizing, and you've basically got a track car...but you sure couldn't take out the mounts!

Not just for show...many a-racecar would not exist if it weren't for Hasport mounts.

Photo credit I'm unsure of, but I think this was from Super Street originally.

Innovative Mounts makes engine mounts pretty exciting as well! Check out SoHondaGarage's DC5 (@shg_motorworks, #shgdc5) featuring Innovative Billet replacements in a full-track application...


And how about these insanely engineered Acura TL Paramounts from Innovative Mounts?

These Paramounts from Innovative represent a big leap forward in engine mount product design...

Something totally fresh! The most interesting thing about these mounts is that Innovative didn't need to make these mounts. Their steel mounts are already awesome products. It's almost like they sat back and said, "you know what would be cool?" and whipped out a cocktail napkin.


These kinds of adventuresome projects makes engine mount shopping so much more exciting. 


The engine mount market for Honda and Acura is vibrant and alive, and in this article we are featuring two of the best in the business, and proclaiming our proud partnerships with both companies.



Hasport Performance

Hasport is one of the few, true original innovators in the Honda aftermarket. Hasport's sole mission is to swap engines around from Honda to Honda and provide a variety of engine mount solutions for you and me to have tons of fun with! Hasport even offers multiple mount options for some swaps to get just the right fit. With their finger carefully feeling the pulse of the market, helped by strategic partnerships throughout the Honda community, Hasport always seems to know just what applications to support, and how to execute excellent product design to meet customer's demands. They are quick to market, too, helped by a series of in-house CNC machining centers that have but one job: Spit out some of the absolute best engine mount solutions in the business!

Engine swapping isn't always perfectly straightforward. When it comes to bolting a new mill into your buggy, Hasport makes the job easy. They even provide shifter, wiring, and axle-shaft solutions to help make swapping as headache free as possible.

I, myself, have been well acquainted with one of Hasport's founders, Brian Gillespie, since before 2000. In that time they've gotten to be one of the pillars of the Honda performance movement.

Heeltoe is thrilled and honored to be longtime-friends of Hasport, as we are direct dealers for many years now. The entire Hasport catalog is available for purchase on



Innovative Mounts

Making a steel engine mount takes a lot of work. First, assembly components are laser-cut from huge steel sheets, and pressed and formed into various shapes. Innovative cuts their mount pieces with tabs and slots so they can be locked together before they are welded. After welding, they are powdercoated and various polyurethane bushings are pressed in. They do all of this in house with their own equipment -- yes, including the powder-coating and molding the poly bushings -- alongside alongside multi-axis CNC mills which produce a separate line of billet mounts.

Innovative is a powerhouse of engine mount manufacturing as they are daring and willing to take on a host of different swap configurations for many different makes and models. Heeltoe is focused on their broad range of Honda and Acura application, where their TSX, TL, and Accord solutions have stood out as preferred solutions. 

When we first hooked up with Innovative mounts back in 2012, we had a chance to get a tour of their facility. I recall being impressed with their in-house capability. From then on we knew that Innovative Mounts was going to be a mainstay at Heeltoe. In more recent years we've seen the company evolve, even have some growing pains.

Today, Heeltoe is behind Innovative Mounts more than ever as we expect to see even more awesome applications released as Honda's cars are hitting a new renaissance.


If you need new engine mounts...for a swap or factory replacement, Heeltoe is the number-one source of products for your project. Contact us today if you are shopping for mounts, and we'll connect you with the right parts at a great price with fast service to your door!


Heeltoe...we're In Your Corner!

About the Author

Marcus di Sabella Marcus is the founder of Heeltoe Automotive. He's been working with cars (mostly Honda cars) since 1996, and has been providing enthusiasts with excellent products, services, and web experiences since 2002. He's been published in Honda Tuning, and holds a degree in Engineering Technology.


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