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Retrieving the Wrecked HTSpecCivicX and Bringing It Home

  • Posted: 01-12-2018 02:04 AM
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I had a night to rest after the fateful excursion to buy a brand new Civic on December 30th, 2017. Miraculously my Mom escaped a significant accident the previous night with little more than a bruised ego. This is not a happy place she was in…being involved in an accident in her "son's" car so new the tire goo was still tacky. Dad wanted to come with Elise and I to the tow yard pick up the car with the Heeltoe trailer but wisely elected to stay at home to support Mom (classic guy, he is). Today is New Year's Eve.

Prior to making the trek to Portland, though, I rang the tow company to make sure that ducks were in a row for release of the car. I was met with unsurprisingly surprising quotes of fees due to the tune of $257. Mostly these fees were due for the hook. What the heck? Why would I pay for a tow when I couldn't specify the drop destination? After the tow truck driver disallowed us to tow the HTSpecCivicX to our preferred body shop, hindsight told us this was not something we should have absorbed without dispute. I wouldn't mind tow fees but for Pete's sake let me get it towed where I want!

None-too-happy, we decided to temper our anger with some bacon and eggs at Elmer's; a Northwest diner chain serving Denny's-type fare but with a bonus of being local-fresh and edible. Good omen: Breakfast might have been the best we've ever had at an Elmer's. That is an honest compliment because Elmer's is frequently rather good.

We headed off to the tow yard where the Civic was safe and secure in indoor storage just as fresh-smelling as the previous afternoon and crunched-looking as the previous evening. Of course, Elise was ready for business. The enclosed tow yard was located under the East side of one of Portland's many bridges, not more than a few minutes from the site of the accident.

We met a tow truck driver there who was friendly and welcoming, even though he wasn't the representative we were supposed to meet there. We told him our story and he explained to us that our tow truck driver has the mental capacity of a rock.

Just a bit later, the manager arrived and the driver we met introduced us to her. We had a conversation again about last night's driver, which was slightly uncomfortable in length as she reiterated his mental numbness just a bit more persistently than I cared to hear. Ultimately, the car was extracted. After some discussion about how improperly our tow truck rescue was handled the management was thoroughly kind enough to knock some fees off our tab and apologetic for the ignorant driver. I love doing business in Portland.

Loading the Civic was geekishly exciting for me because last Fall I installed a Superwinch trailer winch in the Heeltoe trailer at 99 West Trailers, and this was my first chance to use it! With the HTSpecCivicX squared up behind the trailer I reeled out the cable, attached it to a tow hook, and took up the slack. Using the remote control, I slowly tugged my wounded Honda up the ramp and into its secure transport.

The winch worked awesome!

The car took up a lot of room, though. I have a lot of show stuff I keep in there—Heeltoe merch, EZ-Up, et cetera—which meant that the car sat a little farther back than I prefer. Watch this video to understand why that's a slippery slope. But it all worked out really great, I must say. At times it pays to have your own logistics solutions.

Once home, we proceeded to unload. The carnage made backing up a chore as the tire pushed the muffler into the ground. My neighbor, Zach, came in with the muffler-lift assist as the Superwinch did a super job easing the FC out of the trailer…

…whereupon I got to drive the car for the very first time! With exhaust-tip dragging—lightly this time as I was rolling forward—all the way, I slotted it into the garage spot where it was to await its fate.

And into it's new home. If you are curious about the CRX in there, go to Instagram and follow #OGiantKillerCRX.

What a fun way to spend New Year's Eve. We went to a NYE party later at Zach's place. New Year's Day we did get the car on the lift to take a closer look at the damage. We'll show you what we saw in the next in post.

Closing thought…as all this was posted on social meeds as it was unfolding, the commentary revealed a clear consistency. "Glad all were ok, just a car, can replace cars not people." Yes, you are all 100% right. I believe that it should go without saying that I value my Mom's life more than any car. I'd rather it not happened at all, and would have rather it been myself getting smashed into and not my Mother. Also, I am much happier the Civic was run into, and not my beloved HTSpecTSX. But, primarily, if something HAD happened to my Mom…I would not have been posting about it on Instagram. And my sincere hope is that posting about it all wasn't perceived as tasteless. We were all ok and so I felt it ok to share.

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Marcus di Sabella Marcus is the founder of Heeltoe Automotive. He's been working with cars (mostly Honda cars) since 1996, and has been providing enthusiasts with excellent products, services, and web experiences since 2002. He's been published in Honda Tuning, and holds a degree in Engineering Technology.


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