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Heeltoe's 5 Tips For Getting The Best Parts Deals Out Of Tax Season

Tax time is coming.

It's the biggest selling season for Heeltoe year over year and we've got the tips out for you early this year so you can plan and coordinate with us for the best strategy to get the greatest bang for your bucks!

1. Plan Ahead

Ok buddy, do you have any idea how much you are getting in a refund? We don't either. Whether a CT Supercharger or a Heeltoe Hat is in your future, try to get an idea of what you are in for. Then, Build A Heeltoe Wishlist or Special/Combo Quote. Figure out what you are planning for now. Ask us availability. Lock in pricing now. Because if you are blessed with blower-money, nothing sucks more than finding out it's then going to take 3 months to ship!

2. Lock In Pricing Now (Today! In January!)

Many of you already know what kinda money you are in for, and are wondering what is going to be on special. We aren't 100% sure at the time of this writing, but we can deal on anything you want! So Heeltoe highly recommends locking in a CUSTOM price quote as early as possible! Use the Let's Deal Menu on the Heeltoe site to lock in a special price quote that you can act on when that return is done! It's as simple as using this link and make sure you make your message to us mentions you "planning on getting this at tax time." If you don't and the code expires we might not be able to honor it later!

3. Why Wait? Buy Now & Pay Later with Affirm!

The money is coming right? Might as well take out short-term financing with Heeltoe through Affirm! There are no payments due for 30 days after your purchase, and no pre-payment penalty! You can order parts in January, and have them on your car by the time your refund comes in and pay off the loan before interest kicks in! When you order with Affirm, we ship parts immediately (or, as soon as they are available).

4. One Stop Shopping Raises Buying Power

It's a large sum you are getting, but parts cost a lot and you need to stretch every dollar. Let's face it, some items from competitors aren't found on Heeltoe today, BUT we can add basically anything you want very quickly! Just in the last 3 months we have added full catalogs for Stoptech, Innovative Mounts, HASport, nearly 200 10th gen Civic parts, and scores of other awesome items like KTuner Flash Modules, Hondata's Full Line, and PRL Motorsports.

Let us know what we are missing from your shopping list and we'll add it online for you to get your bulk purchase up so we can make the best deal possible just for you! Combining parts saves time, shipping cost, and let's us give you the best deals!

5. Combine Competing Offers

Heeltoe isn't the only one touting sales during springtime. But we can offer everything other stores do, or better options for similar pricing! Why not shop for competing sales and combine them with Heeltoe? Heeltoe is one of the absolute standouts in the Honda-parts industry for good reason. Our service is unparalleled. The powerful Custom Combo tool on the Heeltoe site's Let's Deal menu can accept all the parts deals you are finding online to mix and match into one great monster purchase!


Those are some great times from the one place where you can count on to always be in your corner to get you the best parts at a great price with unmatched service! Why would you shop anywhere else this tax season?

About the Author

Marcus di Sabella Marcus is the founder of Heeltoe Automotive. He's been working with cars (mostly Honda cars) since 1996, and has been providing enthusiasts with excellent products, services, and web experiences since 2002. He's been published in Honda Tuning, and holds a degree in Engineering Technology.


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