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HT9Knockouts2017: Our 9-Best Sellers for 2017 & What Makes Them Great!

  • Posted: 12-31-2017 01:28 AM
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Heeltoe, basically, sells Honda parts. To those unaware of what "Heeltoe" is, we say "We sell enthusiast Honda car parts."

Of course the more inquiring people often probe deeper. When asked "what parts does Heeltoe sell most?" we often are dumbfounded sometimes as we think...and think...there is no single standout item. Great suspension parts, engine tuners, clutches, A-Spec lip kits...

So we decided this year that a 9-best products announcement would make a lot of sense. Hoping to make this an actual tradition we have immortalized the HT9Knockouts2017 with this collage:

Here are the 2017 Knockouts for you!

  • Skunk2 Upper Control Arms for 2004-08 Acura TSX/TL and 2003-07 Honda Accord models provide great camber adjustment range, fitment, durability, and over all awesome performance. Although Heeltoe offers the full Skunk2 product range, these arms are our number one selling Skunk2 item. Heeltoe offers customization to these arms by way of providing our exclusive "hella-flush" mod which enables the arm to gain even more negative adjustment than available from the factory (this is especially valuable on the TL where the front-end geometry does not offer as much negative ability. Yawsport's TL uses Heeltoe modded arms to get the most front end grip for racing.) For 2018, Heeltoe is kicking things up on these arms, which we always have in stock, with exclusive rebuild kits! That's right, when the ball joints or bushings need replacement, Heeltoe is in your corner with replacement parts for you to keep your car running strong. More to come on that so stay tuned.


  • When fit, convenience, innovation, and reliability are important, look to P2R for your thermal gaskets. P2R is a long-time partner of Heeltoe as they have given us great products to supplement our J37 manifolds and MDX manifold-spacer kits. Elsewhere on the HT9Knockouts2017 you'll see the J37 Throttle Body which would not nearly be as popular if not bundled with awesome P2R Thermal Gaskets. They also compliment P2R manifold and throttle body spacers amazingly well. With all the innovative new P2R products coming out from P2R in 2018 we are very proud to have them on our list!


  • Fastline Performance is a legendary name in Honda/Acura performance. Since 2001, FLP has given the market some of the most unique, but well thought out items available. No single Fastline Product stands out more than the legendary Fastline Performance Shifter. Available for the 1992-00 Civic and 1990-01 Integra, the Fastline Performance Shifter combines race-ready function and durability with tight-tolerance fits and one-of-a-kind look. Unlike simple shifter extenders, the FLP solution provides offset throw calibration and a counter-weight to make shifting nearly automatic. And with one simple but strong adjustment a perfect ergonomic reach can be achieved. The Fastline Shifter has stood the test of time for those "in-the-know" and continues to be one of the single best reasons to run a B- or D-Series engine in your 90's Honda!


  • The ATLP brand has a storied history in relation to the Acura TL chassis. Back in 2008 or thereabouts, an Acurazine forum member created the very first j-pipe for the Acura TL Type S with the help of a Socal exhaust manufacturer, alongside complete cat-backs for the various Acura chassis. Although the ATLP j-pipe has undergone a few design iterations, the famous "V2" design has proven time and again to be the most powerful j-pipe on the market today under Heeltoe's production umbrella. Due to it’s retention of the factory converter it is an emissions compliant product. To extract max power from this unit, an optional Race Pipe replaces the 3rd cat. Because this power-producing duo is cross compatible with all 04-08 TLs as well as 03-07 V6 Accords, there is no wonder it is one of our best sellers year over year!


  • …and the ATLP V2/Race Pipe combo is sure to be a best seller again in 2018 as we have combined it with another HT9Knockout product for 2017: The AEM V2 Cold Air Intake. Interestingly enough this intake is an Accord V6 product but fits so perfectly in a 3rd Generation Acura TL that we sell more of these intakes than all other intakes combined in a given year! The grey finish and large diameter of the intake look awesome under the hood, and the sound it gives to the J-Series V6 compliments it's smooth and powerful nature.  With our combination of AEM V2 intakes and ATLP J-pipes serves as a veritably airflow "starter kit" for all 04-08 TLs and 03-07 Accords.


  • RV6 Performance created a winning power product for J-Series Honda engines with their latest and greatest iteration of their veritable RV6 PCDs. Whether you want to call them Primary- or Per-Cat Deletes, RV6's PCD sets are as much a required mod for performance as a great complimentary J-Pipe. They fit perfectly, with durable cast upper and lower sections that are guaranteed not to crack. RV6 kits come with the promise of performance with reliable customer support to match. In fact, Rich and Ling from RV6 continue to be not only great business partners for Heeltoe, but good friends as well! Heeltoe is proud to carry the entire line of RV6 products.


  • Intake manifolds, spacers, gaskets and whatnot are all effective intake upgrades, but no single induction product sold better than throttle bodies this year. We've sourced Honda Factory Genuine OEM J37 Throttle Bodies for years and provided them as effective upgrades for K- and J-Series Honda engines alike. Combined with P2R adapters, these 70mm throttle body options have been adapted to many applications. With our partnership with PRL Motorsports, we've even been able to provide manifold inlet port-matching services for K-Series throttle bodies. It's our strong OEM partnerships that allow us to offer J37 throttle bodies at amazing prices, but that's not the only OEM part we sell all year. Check out our Genuine OEM parts store for more on how we can help upgrade and maintain your Honda or Acura!


  • Short Shifters are one of those products that is one of those "givens." It's not uncommon to see a used car for sale that is "bone stock" but has a short shifter installed. This is partly due to the fact that CT Engineering Short Shifter Adapters are such a great bang for the buck. For under $100 you can get the shifting tightened up and throws as short as possible without negative impact. Available for nearly every post-millennial manual trans Honda and Acura, CT Engineering Short Shifters are both a great stand-alone product as well as a perfect complement to supporting product in our HTSpec Shifter packages. And Heeltoe stocks them all!


  • Ingalls Engineering has a bittersweet position on our HT9Knockout Products for 2017. For nearly a decade…yes, 10 years now…Ingalls' 38725 lower control arms have outsold almost every other product we have, and made our list even after we divided the sales count by two (as these arm kits are almost always sold in pairs). Such a great part it was, Heeltoe worked with Ingalls to develop the 38727 kits which have strong and reliable spherical ends on them. As great as that product has been, though, Ingalls had been purchased by Dorman products earlier this year. Heeltoe signed up for a Dorman account to offer those great OE Replacement items, but the 38725s don't seem like they are carrying over and so…items like that product is basically dead. Fear not though! Heeltoe has partnered with SPC Performance and Hardrace to provide awesome substitutes for the Ingalls 38725 arm sets. We are keeping alternatives in stock to give the same great alignment solutions for our customers going forward!


Honorable Mentions

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention some of our other great performers this year. These are product lines where we did too much variety in sales for any one product to make the list, or where close brand competition split the tally between awesome interchangeable products:

  • Tein SAZ and Flex Z Coilovers. For suspension kits, Tein is, and has, been our best performing brand. The new Z-Line of dampers provides so much value they are hardly comparable with competitors who either cost more or fail sooner. The number one greatest feature we find in them is their ability to ride well with improved handling, yet still maintain a low price point and great longevity. Even though some models are seeing a very minimal price increase for 2018, Heeltoe sees Tein as the best value for street sports and street performance coilover damper kits available today.
  • Medieval Pro CRX Body Panels. Heeltoe produces 8 different fiberglass replacement panels for the fragile plastic body pieces found on early CRX models. Honestly, we do this for a niche community of dedicated enthusiasts and were never expecting to sell lots of these panels. Let's face it...they aren't cheap. Would you believe we sold more than 170 fiberglass panels to 1984-87 CRX owners in 2017? We hardly do but the numbers don't lie! It's a major hit even though no single panel never sold enough to make the top nine.
  • As cars evolve more and more of the power potential becomes locked up in the computer. That's probably why Hondata Flashpro and KTunerFlashV1 and V2 units have been such huge movers for Heeltoe this year! Whichever product they chose, users have found noticeable (and in the case of 10g Civic drivers, massive) power gains and night-and-day drivability improvements. We stock both units and expect these units to rank higher on next year's list. It does seem most fair to tally them together since they are so very comparable in capability.


So there you have it! 2017 is in the books and we've seen what really moved best this year! Her's to 2018 and seeing where we will go and what exciting new products might make our 2018 list!

About the Author

Marcus di Sabella Marcus is the founder of Heeltoe Automotive. He's been working with cars (mostly Honda cars) since 1996, and has been providing enthusiasts with excellent products, services, and web experiences since 2002. He's been published in Honda Tuning, and holds a degree in Engineering Technology.


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