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Heeltoe's Pitboard Blog

The Pitboard hangs over the pit-wall to keep you up to date on all the latest Heeltoe happenings. You're running your laps, we're in your corner.


BC Racing BR Series, Swift & Extreme-Low Unboxing & Product Lap

Heeltoe Automotive offers the complete line of BC Racing Coil-over damper kits, including all the custom options you want to get the...

Product Announcement: Medieval-Pro Torsion Bars Now Available

Torsion bars are one of the most unique, misunderstood, and, until recently, stressful items to deal with on a torsion-bar Honda.

Product Announcement: All-New KTunerFlashV2 Uploaded to Heeltoe Catalog

.The KTunerFlashV2 Touch is an awesome new tool from KTuner that will allow you more flexibility than ever before to control and...

SoCal RAIN got you DRAINED? Get to the track!

If you ever have the opportunity to do an HPDE / Track Day in the rain, DO IT!

Product Announcement: New Lost Motion Assemblies for the J-Series V6 from P2R

The LMA is designed to pre-load the VTEC rocker when the VTEC is off. The P2R LMAs are designed and produced to the highest...

Product Review: Phantom Audio Retuned Amp for the 04-08 TSX
Tech Articles

If the Hondata Reflash is the best performance improvement for the buck, Phantom Audio's amplifier retuning is the best way to...

The Koni Sport Yellow Shock & Their "Height Adjustable" Nature: Don't Put Too Much Stock In That...

A note on the adjustability of the Koni Sport Yellow Shock/Strut damper. Why you can adjust height my moving the spring perches, but...

Road Grime: Come on...peel the protective plastic film off your door sills...

TSXs, TLs, and I am sure some other Acuras as well, come with fancy door sill plates with metal inserts in them. And for some reason,...

MFactory Helical- and Plate-Type Diff Break-In Procedure

After installing a new MFactory differential from Heeltoe, you may have concerns about the break-in procedure for these parts....

Heeltoe Exclusive: "Build My Own" Brake Kits Are Back!

Much like the shoes on your feet, few brake parts will fit all car and driver needs the same. Because of this, Heeltoe Automotive has...