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WiseDetailz Clear Headlamp Diffusers for 2004-08 TSXs

First, if you wanted clear markers on your 2004-08 Acura TSX, you were locked into getting expensive JDM headlamps. Then, DEPO came along with great looking replicas of these JDM lamps. However, the TSX is a special beast. The stock headlamps, projectors, and cut-offs are about the best on the market. Why change to aftermarket lamps when you only want to change the color of the side diffusers?

Wisedetailz has the answer with NEW clear side diffusers for direct replacement into factor TSX headlamp housings.

Fashioned directly after the factory orange pieces, these diffusers fit perfectly in place of them. You only need to open the headlamp and clip them in. These diffusers join Wisedetailz's 3rd generation diffusers and their custom headlight services.

More colors are possible for the future. Please give us your feedback, and look for them to buy on today!


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