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Weapon-R Race Header, 2004-08 Acura TSX / Accord (JDM) CL7 CL9 K20 K24, includes test pipe!

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Race Exhaust Header Set
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Acura TSX, 2004-08
Weapon-R Race Header, 2004-08 Acura TSX / Accord (JDM) CL7 CL9 K20 K24, includes test pipe!



24% below retail


Weapon*R 4-2-1 Race Header Long Tube Design Maximum High RPM Exhaust Flow Stepped Tubing Design for Higher Torque Gains Ideal for all forms of Competition Racing Best for Vehicles with High Lift Cams and High RPM Rev Band 2.5" Collector for High Exhaust Flow Eliminates Catalytic Converter ( NOT 50 State Legal ) Designed with Extensive Research and Development on Weapon*R's Dynapack Dyno. OFFROAD USE ONLY NOT LEGAL FOR USE ON PUBLIC HIGHWAYS

This part will fit any K-series TSX/Accord even though it has a 2-bolt JDM style flange, since it comes with a test pipe that mates to the stock exhaust, your stock cat will be replaced.

Folks, this header, BEING OFF-ROAD ONLY, does not have a catalytic converter. You will get an engine light if you do not add a cel eliminator or spark plug defouler to the secondary O2 sensor! We can add a Fastline Performance defouler to your order to your order using the drop-down above!

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Customer Questions


Is the optional 2.5" cat add-on is the same as the 200-cell core in the Fastline Performance Metal Cat Pipe?


The converter core provided is the same core as comes in the Fastline Performance Metal Cat.


DO you ship to hong Kong?

Will it fit my JDM CL7 euro r perfectly without anything customized?


Yes, we ship globally!

This header should fir your 2.0L CL7 Accord without any modifications needed.


I still own the header and weld in a 200 cellcat, is it possible to buy just the testpipe?


Unfortunately this test pipe is not sold separately.

Q:Does this header come with a gasket?
A:It does not, however we do have gaskets available to order here: Honda Genuine Exhaust Manifold Gasket, K-Series engines K20 K24A

Hi do you have a header designed for more driveability? such as better low end horsepower and better top end torque? I have a CL9 Accord with a K24A3


The Weapon-R Header here and the CT-Engineering header are our most popular headers. Both provide good gains over stock, without much of any compromise in the powerband. The bias of low end torque versus high end torque is more built into the engine components and programming. A header is not necessarily going to change the attitude of the engine. In other words, one that make more high end power won't necessarily be doing so at the sacrifice of low end power.

If you did want to have a header more customized to a particular setup and personal need, we would look at the , as you can specifically request to be built to your exact specifications.

All the above being said, for more conservative street use, the CT Engineering header is the #1 choice.


Hi, someone locally have a Weapon-R header for my 07 TSX for sale, but he lost the test-pipe. Is it possible to buy only the weapon-R test pipe?


I am sorry we have been unable to provide the test pipe section separately.


Will this part fit an American 2005 accord?


We believe it may fit a USDM Accord 4-cylinder, although we currently have no data existing to validate this.


will this work good for 3" exhaust


Sure! The test pipe section is 2.5" but if you have a 3" cat back it should all hook up ok as long as the flanges are the same.


Do I still need a defouler if I'm buying the metal weld-in cat?


Probably yes you will. A metal-core cat is not as efficient as a stock unit is and therefore the light will likely be tripped by it without a defouler.


What is the high flow cat ? Is it necessary ?


This header comes with a test pipe which must be used to install the part on a TSX. Some customers wish to keep a cat in their car, so we offer a weld-in converter on the side that can be installed in the test pipe. It is an option only.

Q:hi i have a honda accord eruo r cl7 i want to know will work on my car i have on fujitsubo exhaust system i want to know if the weapon r headers would work

Yes the Weapon-R header should fit on your CL7 with your Fujitsubo exhaust.

Q:Would this directly bolt up to the FLP high flow cat ?

No, this header has a 2-bolt flange not a 3-bolt flange like a TSX cat does. This is why we offer the high flow converter as an option in case you want to custom weld one into the supplied WR test pipe.

Q:Are these in stock?

We usually have at least one or two, or can drop-ship from various vendors or the manufacturer. Shipping is usually within 1-2 days unless you get the cat-welding option which adds some time to the shipment for fabrication.

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  • Header warped, sounded bad before and worse now October, 30
    By Jake Watson, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    The manifold flange warped causing a pretty noticeable exhaust leak. It sounded pretty bad before compared to the PLM that I had previously installed, but now sounds way worse. I noticed a lot of low end torque losses but after 3500 it really opens up.

    My main problem with this is that the exhaust manifold warped. I called Weapon R and asked if that's covered under warranty and they said no because the header had already heat cycled. Are you effing kidding me? It's an exhaust manifold! Its entire purpose is to get hot! That's really frustrating and says a lot about their company.
  • cl7 euro r January, 7
    By frazer walker, Street Performance Enthusiast
    had this header for 2 years fitted to my cl9 then my euro thing to note is,it does fit the euro r.but the k20 head is 20mm lower so the 2-1 part is 20mm closer to the road than on the cl9...the pipe walls are thin.and even without the test pipe the manifold hissis.but its cheap,so im not complaining
  • Performance at a lovely price June, 1
    By JP, Street Performance Enthusiast
    I bought the header with the high flow cat add on and couldn't be happier. Out of all my mods this one gave the most noticeable gains. More than the flashpro(with injen basemap) more than my injen cai. The torque and hp I got from this mod alone made my car feel completely different. The car has a much better pick up now. I'd give the weapon r a 4.9 out of 5. If it wasn't for the fact I had to torch it a bit to make it bend into the correct position to mate to my exhaust it'd be a perfect 5. Normally fitment issues for me would cost more points but damn the gains we're too good to take off more than a .1
  • June, 28
    By Serge, Grocery Getter
    Very good header, produces a lot of gains in a couple with icebox. Quality is nice, i have a lot of pleasure just to hold it in hands and looking at it ) My friend has same car with toda header and injen cai , my car with WR header and CT icebox performs a lil better ! The only cons is that sometimes you can feel a smell of exhaust gases coz this mod eliminates cat, but for the gains it gaves me im ready to close my eyes and nose on this.

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