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K-Tuned Dipstick Wire, Honda K20 Engines (Upgraded Molded Reader), DP2-K20-WRE

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Dipstick Wire
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Universal (Upgraded Molded Reader)
K-Tuned Dipstick Wire, Honda K20 Engines (Upgraded Molded Reader), DP2-K20-WRE



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K-Tuned Dip Sticks

* Designed to upgraded older K-Tuned Dip Sticks to the newer wire or just converting from a K20 to K24 or K24 to K20 dip stick.

You will want to be careful when removing the previous wire. They are threaded into the billet top using thread locker. Make sure to ensure the top billet piece is well secured and no chance of slipping. This can be put into a vice with soft liners or soft grip pliers. Once the top is secured you can use vice grips or pliers to remove the steel insert. Don't worry about damaging the steel insert as it is not reused. When installing the new steel threaded insert you can use blue thread locker. Be careful not to damage or nick the steel section as it is very tight tolerance. This can be threaded in by hand without tools.

We've redesigned the dip stick. It now has an injector molded bottom level marker to allow easier reading of oil level. We have also provided o-rings and grooves which can be used to easily mark the low/high level on your specific setup. Instructions are on each package and available on our website. Due to the sheer number of setups this was the easiest way to ensure all cars have accurate readings (V1 Dip Stick required scribing the marker which isn't needed anymore). 

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