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Stoptech Perf Truck Kit-SLT;FRT - SAT, 970.62004

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Performance Truck Kit Brake Combo Package (Slotted)
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Stoptech Perf Truck Kit-SLT;FRT - SAT, 970.62004



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Beef up your big rig’s braking power with the StopTech Slotted Truck Brake Kit Ideal upgrade for hard-working pickups, oversized SUVs, towing rigs and fleet vehicles Custom sized for a direct fit on your year, make and model—no modding needed Each kit includes both Centric Fleet Performance Brake Pads and Slotted Sport Rotors for an all-in-one upgrade

Slotted Rotors:

  • Slotted design speeds up wet weather stopping, enhances the initial brake bite and sweeps away debris
  • Adds an eye-catching look behind your rig’s open-spoke wheels
  • Carefully cast and cooled by Centric for maximum strength and stiffness
  • Treated with an anti-corrosive black e-coating on the hat, cooling vanes and outer edges (standard on most rotors)

Centric Fleet Performance Brake Pads:

  • Engineered to handle the demands of emergency response vehicles
  • Increases your initial pedal bite and reduces fade
  • Formulated from para-aramid composites for consistent braking under extreme loads and sizzling temperatures
  • All pads are scorched for faster bed-in and warm-up times
  • Manufactured using a positive molding technique for uniform thickness and even wear
  • Completely asbestos free

Your StopTech Slotted Truck Brake Kit is covered by a 90-Day/3,000-Mile Warranty


Whether you're dropping off a few yards of gravel at the jobsite or towing the boat down to the lake, heavy loads put a lot of stress on your brake system—especially if you're rolling with stock discs and pads. For heavy-duty stopping power that won't burn out under the burden, make the switch to the StopTech Slotted Truck Brake Set. Packed with both Slotted Sport Rotors & Centric Fleet Performance Pads, it adds unflinching brake strength to your hard-working pickup or SUV.

From downhill runs to stop-and-go traffic, your Slotted Rotor and Pad Truck Kit delivers a ferociously firm bite under the most grueling conditions. The Fleet Performance Pads feature an advanced para-aramid composite formula that stays strong even when the heat is on. And since they're positively molded to the back plate, they boast uniform thickness for consistent results, even wear and a wider temperature range.

The pads alone are powerful, but they really come alive when they bite down onto the Slotted Sport Rotors. Expertly cast from high-quality metals and slotted along the surface, these rugged discs don't just look sporty—they actively fight off pad glazing, sweep away debris and boost your wet weather performance. Best of all, each component in your Slotted Rotors with Pads Truck Brake Kit is custom sized for a direct fit and backed by a 90-Day/3,000-Mile Warranty.

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