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Torsion Bar Honda Suspension: Medieval-Pro by Tein vs BC Racing

  • Posted: 07-05-2016 10:22 AM
  • Suspension

Being Honda/Acura specialists, the 1984-87 Honda Civic/CRX and 1896-89 Acura Integra models hold a special place on the parts shelves here at Heeltoe. These cars were huge advances over their predecessors in both chassis and engine design. Yet the suspension layout was a bit of a departure from systems use in Honda cars made both prior to their release, and since it.

Heeltoe has produced this two-part video series discussing the suspension systems in 1984-87 Honda Civic/CRX and 1986-89 Acura Integra models. The first video discusses the front torsion-bar suspension layout, the difference between shocks and struts, and the difference between torsion bars and coil-over springs.

The second video looks more closely at the two different suspension options available from Medieval-Pro and BC Racing, comparing the damper shafts, travel available, weight, and size. Also, we review the rear suspension a little.

Watch part 1 here:

Watch part 2 here:


Aaron Golesch
09-20-2016 11:02 PM at 11:02 PM
Awesome, thanks!
Aaron Golesch
09-06-2016 01:17 AM at 1:17 AM
No part two?
Administrator Note:
Dang it, link was broken! Fixed now :)

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