TracTuff Complete Engine Claying Kit, K-Series Engines

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TracTuff Complete Engine Claying Kit, K-Series Engines

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Complete Engine Claying Kit


Introducing another great tool! Our K Series Engine Claying Kit is simple and all inclusive... so you don't need to scramble to put it together yourself.

Claying your engine is an essential step in the engine building/ blueprinting process and should be done with any long-block purchase, unfortunately many would be "engine builders" skip this crucial step because they dont know what it or it's significance is. Others simply dont know how or where to source the stuff to properly perform the job. Which ever it is... we'd sure hate to think its straight up laziness because the process may be mundane but it's definitely not hard!! When you have the right tools of course.

Our kit starts with the correct type of clay, not some rubberized product that rebounds once pressure has been take off the material. Two precision machined pins that allow you to easily lock the motor/ rockers into VTEC. Our VTC Limiter Kit ($60.00 value) to limit the VTC to 30°, 35°, and 40° cam advance positions. Three locking/ shimming pins for each VTC limiter to keep the gear from moving while rotating the engine.

Complete Kit Contents:

Engine Builders Clay
2 VTEC Rocker Lockers
3 VTC Limiting Pins ( 30°, 35°, and 40°)
3 VTC Locking Pins
1 T30 Torx Bit
1 Tube of LocTite

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