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P2R Thermal Throttle Body Gasket, J32A2 (2g TL-S/CL-S), P141

Part Number:
Product Line:
Thermal Blocking Throttle Body Gasket
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda J32A2 (2g CL/TL)
P2R Thermal Throttle Body Gasket, J32A2 (2g TL-S/CL-S), P141



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Heat is the enemy of power! For the most consistent function of the vehicle in a variety of atmospheric conditions, coolant from the engine is run though the throttle body to assist the vehicle in idling, and also to prevent the throttle place from sticking in freezing temperatures. However, as the throttle body warms it can warm the intake manifold as well! Keep manifold temps down by blocking heat transfer using a P2R thermal throttle body gasket.

These gaskets are often used in conjunction with P2R Throttle Body spacers! Order 2 for use with a throttle body spacer, order 1 without a spacer!

This gasket is used in a variety of engines:

  • J32A2: 2001-03 CL-S & 2002-03 TL-S

May fit other applications as well. Please contact us for details as needed!

Customer Questions


Have read on acurazine that these gaskets tend to melt, are these a second version of it?


After many years of selling this gaskets, we have not hand this experience at all. At the time of this posting, no customers have complained of such a failure. We caution against giving too much credibility to forum posts as they nearly always lack empirical data, full details of occurrences, images, and experience level of the installer.



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