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The most serious 1g TSX you are likely to see this decade.

  • Posted: 10-02-2015 12:21 AM
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UPDATE Oct 5th, 2015

Benji has won Stage 4! Read up on the thrilling outcome here.There is another to go after this so definitely continue voting for him by reading below! Vote-counts will go back to zero for the final round before SEMA

Original Post Below:


Preface: We are asking you to vote for a TSX friend to win a contest that will get him to SEMA. We aren't necessarily into the whole social-media car-voting thing, and many of you aren't either.

So why are we presenting this to you?

Well, take a look at Benjamin's car.



Here is a link to his HTGarage profile.



You can get a full breakdown of the gear on this TSX on this page, where Ben is competing in the online TunerBattlegrounds Championship.

Another fixed up TSX? Well, no, not at all. Benji has done some really top work here. Agree with the approach if you want. Agree with the design, the style, the JDM, the air...or not. But don't deny the sheer amount of work and straight up cash that has gone into this car. 

The thing that impressed ME the most?



While everything is top-notch and amazingly impressive on this car, there are real boundaries broken on this car. Ben removed the hydraulic power steering from his TSX and replaced it with a custom MR2-derived power steering system so he could supercharge the car with a Rotex blower. His words:

"Most, if not all the work was done myself, but my favorite modification would be the Kraftwerks supercharger kit because this is the first Acura TSX in North America, of this generation, to have the Rotrex supercharger installed." 

And... it still has AC! The "first in North America" may or may not be true, but we believe it. This is a serious undertaking, even if he had not done the blower the amount of quality components on this car is mind-boggling. The only shortfall I can see here is a lack of receipts and the installation of PLM header (which I am sure works fine but, come on Ben. Let's get you and ASP header, yeah?)

So, I am impressed with this car and for a show car to do that to me, that is not so easy to do. Why am I writing this, and why are you reading it?


We want our customers to help us help Benjamin get his car from Manitoba, Canada to the SEMA show in Las Vegas by winning the contest he is entered in. If he makes it to the Tuner Battleground Championship final he will face off at SEMA against another finalist in the PASMAG booth! This is an exciting opportunity for him and we at want to help.


To do this, we need to get him through the next round of competition. He's won two rounds already (straight-annihilated an R32 GT-R and an Infiniti G). Now...he is being threatened by an FD3S RX-7. He is down about 100 votes. This seems to be the stiffest competition in the whole event thus far, and we want him to win.


Here is what you do:

1) Visit his vote page. I linked it above, but here it is again:

2) Sign in by clicking the "Log In With Facebook" link. (Yea you are giving up a little info to the page. Nothing Candy Crush doesn't already know.)

3) Click the yellow start to vote for Ben.

4) Do that again the next day (YES, you can vote once every 24 hrs). His accumulation of Heeltoe-sponsored votes will push him over the top!


We don't subscribe to these things very often, but one look at Ben's car and the RX-7 he is against (pay particular attention to the "Sponsors" sections on both pages), and you will see that this competition is TIGHT. Both cars are one of a kind, though, and we would not be doing our duty to Honda-dom if we did not do what we could to help him to win this competition.

You do the same ;)



michael duffy
10-05-2015 08:42 PM at 8:42 PM
WOW...I dream my 06 will be even half as hard as this one day, Is that midori green in the engine bay? Sweet TSX from another cl9 lover..Keep it between the ditches!!

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