TEIN Suspension Straight Spring, Pair, Universal (2 kg, 65mm I.D.), SL020-01200

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TEIN Suspension Straight Spring, Pair, Universal (2 kg, 65mm I.D.), SL020-01200

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Univeral Fit It is not make for any specific car installation but may be adapted to different cars through custom work or installation. Heeltoe can't promise this part works for the car in your filter or garage. If you are unsure if this part is for you, please contact us for advice.
Part Number:
Product Line:
Standard Straight
Part Type:
Coil Spring
Part Fit Note:
65mm i.d.
Fitment Application (if non-standard fitment):
2 kg, 65mm I.D.
Product Count (per qty 1):
*Spring Length:
*Spring I.D.:
*Spring Rate:


Tein universal springs are made to the high standards of all Tein coils. These springs come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and rates to help tune your suspension perfectly.

Manufacturer's comments:

  • We use SWOSC-KV silicon chrome metal (JIS standard) to pursue the maximum quality of high tension and endurance for all standardized springs.
  • Stable quality, endurance, and high performance is maintained by special procedure (cooling formation).
  • The straight type springs are measured by inner diameter. and, specified spring seat is required. The outer diameter changes with alignment.

Straight Springs: These are a single I.D. from top to bottom, commonly used in coilover systems with standard sized upper and lower seats.

Taper Springs: Similar to straight springs, although the upper and lower seat diameters are different. Usually the upper diameter is the larger dimention.

Helper Springs: Small, thin, low-rate coils used to keep relatively short standard springs seated when suspension is in full-droop. Read more on helper springs here.

More about TEIN Suspension

Tein (pronounced "tane," rhymes with "vein") is a Japan-based company that was founded in the mid-1980s, Tein became a player in the performance aftermarket suspension arena in the mid- & late-1990s with their H, N, and R-type coilover-damper sets. These sets were some of the first widely available coilover systems for road cars, as such technology was previously reserved for race-cars. They came to the USA in 2001, and shortly afterward, Heeltoe was founded and signed on as a direct dealer as early as 2003.

Tein has been a longstanding partner of Heeltoe, and as Tein's product line has evolved, Heeltoe has grown. Today we work together to create new products and collaborate on applications to serve the Honda & Acura market. 

Tein is a reliable brand housing its own manufacturing and R&D centers in Japan, USA, and China. They have many spare parts available for all their dampers, even legacy ones. Heeltoe has access to the complete Tein catalog of product as well, so if spares or replacements are needed simply ask us!

Brands like Tein allow Heeltoe to live by our motto: In Your Corner!
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