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Koni Yellow Sport Shock Assembly Steps, Most Honda/Acura Models

  • Posted: 11-05-2009 12:46 PM
  • Suspension

Koni Yellows come with lame Ikea-style instructions that are significantly less than intuitive. We've typed out the steps for assembling these items for you here. These steps will apply to most Honda/Acura cars.

1. The circlip on the shock body sets the height. Different cars have different height setting locations, but in the instructions it is not stated which cars should use which clip location for a given height. We are planning a document outlining this but for now the best best is to compare the Koni shock with your stock shock to get an idea of the best place to put the circlip.
2. Slide the silver colored spring seat cup onto the shock body, paying attention to which side is up. The cup should be facing down.
3. Install the white shock protection cup on the top of the shock tube. It presses in place but probably will not sit completely flush with the shock. 
4. Install the factory bump stop trimmed per the spring manufacturer suggestion, or proportionate to the drop of your springs. Another option is to install aftermarket bump stops if you are not taking apart your stock shocks.
5. But the spring on per the spring manufacturer's directions.
6. Put the two flat washers on the shock shaft supplied with the Konis. One washer is larger than the other, and we routinely install the smaller diameter one first.
7. Exchange the koni supplied silver collar  with the oem collar in the top hat bushings.
Note if installing on a TL-S or other car with metal reinforced upper hat bushings. You will need to ream or drill out the holes in your bushings to approximately 1/2" in order to install them on the oversized Koni shafts.
8. Install the top hat on the shock/spring assy.
9. Install the flared washer, flare up on top of the assy.
10. Install one shock nut and tighten to spec.
11. Install the second shock nut and tighten it to the first nut.
12. Adjust the baseline firmness (usually in the middle of the rotation range).
13. Install shock/spring assemblies and fine tune the ride frimness your liking.


About the Author

Marcus di Sabella Marcus is the founder of Heeltoe Automotive. He's been working with cars (mostly Honda cars) since 1996, and has been providing enthusiasts with excellent products, services, and web experiences since 2002. He's been published in Honda Tuning, and holds a degree in Engineering Technology.
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Courtney Reimer
03-06-2013 05:35 PM at 5:35 PM
Thank you, even without pictures, it's the most useful info i could find.

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