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Counterman Scan: Brake Fluid Q/A, and Some Comments From Heeltoe

Here is a Q/A article on Brake Fluid. The interview is conducted by Andrew Markel, and this was published in September 2010.

The reason we are sharing this is because it discusses DOT 3, 4, and 5.1 fluids which are popular in the cars we service. Give it a read; it's only one printed page. See our comments below the image:

So here are some comments we have in response to this writing:

  • The main difference in DOT levels, beyond the chemistry, is how they respond. Higher DOT levels can be more temperature resistant, but based on some other data we have seen a higher number is not always a higher temp rating (check out this test, and you will see why the Motul RBF600 is our preferred performance fluid).
  • Brake fluids, by-and-large, are compatible with eachother. But we still prefer a homogeneous solution in our brake systems. Simple flushing is usually just fine, but if you want to be anal run some rubbing alcohol through your lines to clear them when changing fluid types.
  • When it says that very few drivers would feel a difference in pedal pressure with performance fluid, let's understand that this periodical is meant for general use (all parts people selling to all drivers). You mom might not feel a bit of difference, but your spouse or you yourself may. However a benefit might not be realized until driving quite a bit harder. So take the upgrade with a grain of salt. Not everyone will feel and change in pedal, or like the results if they do fell it.
  • We have done a few track days and aggressive roads where we have gotten the brakes VERY hot. We have yet to run into a situation where we have boiled stock Honda brake fluid.

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