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Upgrade Motoring Torsion Bar Sets, 1984-87 Honda Civic 24 mm, 24.5" Length

Upgrade Motoring
Product Line:
Torsion Torsion Bar (24mm x 24" Long)
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda Civic, 1984-87
Upgrade Motoring Torsion Bar Sets, 1984-87 Honda Civic 24 mm, 24.5" Length

Item is discontinued and unavailable for ordering.


NOTE: These bars have been superseded by Heeltoe's own production of Medeival-Pro Torion bars:


Medieval-Pro offers Upgrade Motoring offers Sport, Competition and Race Torsion Bars for the Civic/CRX 84-87 and Integra 86-89. These Torsion bars are a must for Auto crossing and Road Racing. These Torsion Bars are CNC machined to exact specifications. After machining the bars are then Heat Treated. After Heat Treating the bars are all tested for straightness. The Upgrade Torsion Bars are not pre-keyed, so you can set the drop that you want. The Medieval-Pro/Upgrade Torsion Bars allow the car to have a lower center of gravity, for improved handling, stiffer "spring rate", and improved look of the car.

The Civic and CRX 84-87 torsion bars are available in 29mm at ~432lbs , 27.5mm at ~350lbs., and 24.0mm at ~204lbs. , The Integra 86-89 torsion bars are available also available in 27.5mm and 24.0mm . We now offer the Integra in 29mm Race Torsion bars . 31mm Torsion bars available upon request. Please call us if you need custom sizes made for your specific application.

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Customer Questions


Why are you listing short and long bars? What is the difference?


The difference is, they fit slightly different applications. You will want to measure your stock bars to know which are the ones to get.

Note: This is mostly a concern with the Civic models, but just to be safe we recommend popping the caps off the stock torsion tubes and taking a measurement before ordering.

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