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Honda Genuine TL Type-S Sway Bar Front Kit, 27.2mm Diameter Solid, for use on 2004-08 Acura TSX

Product Line:
Genuine OEM Anti-Sway Bar Set (27.2mm Solid)
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TSX, 2004-08 (from 07-08 TL-S)
Honda Genuine TL Type-S Sway Bar Front Kit, 27.2mm Diameter Solid, for use on 2004-08 Acura TSX



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OEM 27.2mm front sway bar kit, comes with bushings for mounting. This is the TL Type-S Front sway bar that is solid. A solid bar costs less than hollow, but weight more than a hollow one. The weight difference is about 5 lbs.

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Customer Questions


This is a direct bolt-on on CL9 (2004-2008) TSXs? Also would there be any real benefit with upgrading the front sway bar? As I'd imagine that would "offset" the benefits of having an "upgrade" rear sway bar (I'm using a CT-E RSB).


Yes, this bar is a direct bolt-on for the 1g TSX. The benefit of a front bar upgrade is higher stability in faster corners. Also, flatter cornering all around.

People tend to over-think the balance shift of doing front and rear bars and their impact on over-steer or under-steer. Upgrading the front bar will not turn the car into an under-steering pig and more than the rear bar caused constant fishtailing.

If you have a need for a little more performance as you push the car harder, and are not trying to rotate the rear end around tight corners, this bar is a great upgrade.


Is this a direct from the OEM manufacturer part? Or is this specific to the CL9 TSX and has specific components/parts added for fitment?


This is a Genuine part, which means it comes directly from Honda/Acura. We provide this bar with appropriate components to be fitted to a 1st generation TSX (all items in this kit are Genuine).


I'm not clear on one of the topic, but isn't OEM a genuine factory part? So is this part made from Honda/Acura factory OEM?


Yes OEM and Geniune are used interchangeably a lot of times. This is a GENUINE part, meaning it comes straight from Acura. Read more on this topic here: What is the difference between OE, Genuine, OEM, and OER/Aftermarket Parts?

Q:Again for the front upgrade on a tsx, will stock end links work? Or TL-Type S end links be necessary? Thank you.
A:Hi there, yes the stock end links will work. The holes in the bar are slightly large but when properly tightened there really is no issue there.

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