Medieval-Pro V2 Suspension Combo, 1986-89 Acura Integra (Coilovers, Torsion Bars, Panhard Bar)

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Medieval-Pro V2 Suspension Combo, 1986-89 Acura Integra (Coilovers, Torsion Bars, Panhard Bar)

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You asked for a great suspension combo for your t-bar Honda, and once again Heeltoeauto.com delivers!

Upgrading the suspension in your torsion-bar Honda can add up! You need great dampers and springs, as well as torsion bars and a panhard bar to do it right. This great combo from Heeltoeauto.com allows you to build the suspension package of your dreams from a great low combo price. Heeltoe contracted with Tein to produce this damper kit more than 10 years ago under our own private brand, Medieval-pro, to breathe new life into the ancient torsion-bar Honda chassis!

At Heeltoe, #torsionbarhondas are the king!

This Package Includes:

  • Medieval-Pro V2 Damper Kit, with over-sized & shortened front struts and threaded-body coilover rear struts. The V2 kit has revised valving and enhanced lowering in the front making it the best suspension you can buy for your torsion-bar Honda today!
  • Your choice of rear springs. Our recommendations for those are below.​
  • Medieval-Pro Torsion Bars, your choice of diameter. NOTE: Ships with CRX-length bars. Integras will need CRX torsion tubes.
  • Cheddas-Auto Street Panhard Bar.


Our recommendations for rear springs:

  • For CRXs, get 4kg for a balanced street car. 5kg is for the street performance and moderate track use car. 6kg is a track car performance setup. Anything more will be pretty rough for roads.
  • For Civics, the same notes from the CRX apply but because of the extra weight, move up 1kg at each level. So 5kg for the street car, 6kg for the performance car, and 7kg for the track car.
  • For Integras, you can go with the Civic rate notes for a good moderate setup. Moving up another 1kg notch is ok, but starts getting aggressive if you get over 7 kg.

Our recommendations for torsion bars:

  • For CRXs and Civics, the 24mm bars work great for stock engine (D-series or ZC) cars. 24mm compliment the 4 or 5 rear springs well. If you've got a B- or K- Series swap, turbo kit, higer grip, or just need more overall performance to match rear springs from 5-6 kg, go for the 27mm set. 30mm bars should be used if you have really high grip and are doing high performance track work, or have swapped a bigger engine like a H-series.
  • For Integras, due to the longer control arm length the wheel rate (firmness) shifts a little. The 27mm in an Integra is like a 24mm in a Civic, and will work really great as a street setup without a swap. Move to 30mm if you have higher performance needs or more weight that would come from a swap. NOTE: You will need Civic or CRX torsion tubes to install these torsion bars in your Integra

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