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Learn and Shop: Subframe Components

Vehicle frames have become complex with the growing needs for efficient packaging of equipment, the need to improve assembly, and advance vehicle performance. Additionally, uni-body vehicles cannot incorporate all the frame features needed create a rolling chassis that performs well. As such, auxiliary sub-frames are fitted to the uni-body frame. Subframes give engineers more mounting options for critical suspension and drivetrain components. It is also common for steering systems to be mount to the subframe as well.

Mounting points

Subframes are typically mounted to road-vehicle uni-bodies on rubber bushings. These bushings provide some compliance for road impact, and reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) making the vehicle more comfortable to drive. It is also common for the subframe bushing mount holes to be significantly larger than the hardware used to mount them. This is for ease of assembly, and an ability to shift the subframe in order to compensate for alignment issues. While these benefits are real, performance enthusiasts will find there to be slop in these connections which reduce road feel. For added performance, one does well to tighten subframe mounting points where possible.


Subframes are also the most common mounting places for anti-sway (or, stabilizer) bars. The standard mounting locations are frequently strong enough for standard stabilizer bars, when upgrading to larger, stronger bars these mounts can tear from the added stress. We have filed subframe reinforcement kits in the subframe category, while we have placed anti-sway bars and sway bar kits with include reinforcements in the Suspension area.

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