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Spoon Sports Rigid Collar Bushing Set, Front, 2004-08 Acura TSX / Accord CL9, 50261-RR1-000

Part Number:
Spoon Sports
Product Line:
Rigid-Collar Subframe Bushing Set
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TSX, 2004-08
Spoon Sports Rigid Collar Bushing Set, Front, 2004-08 Acura TSX / Accord CL9, 50261-RR1-000



Properly and firmly locate the subframe structures onto the underside of the unit-body with Spoon Rigid Collar Bushings. These bushings correct the misalignment that occurs between subframe and chassis mating surfaces. The bolt holes in these areas are considerably larger than the bolts themselves and this allows a lot of movement and a springing effect where you want a rigid mounting the most! View this video on You-Tube to get the full low-down on this innovative and relatively essential upgrade.

Customer Questions


I am considering getting these on my TSX. My main thing is I want to increase my spirited driving feel and decrease bottoming out my tire/chassis over certain bumps. My car is about 3" slammed, do you think these will give me what I am looking for? The only other solution I have is to raise the car...and I like it lower.

Will the front kit suffice or should I purchase both?


The steering feel will definitely be improved, and the response will be considerably sharper. We cannot comment on the wheel travel decrease, although it is possible.

Ultimately, these collars/bushings will be best used with street sport or performance intentions.

If the benefits of the front are helpful, we would recommend the rears as well.

Q:Do these fit a 2002 accord i4 from Canada? Do they make then for it?

These parts are sure to fit a 2004-08 TSX and a JDM/EDM/AUDM Accord from 2003-07, although we are not able to promise they would fit on a 1998-02 North American Accord.

Q:Are these bushings a one time use item? I anticipate a clutch job down the line which would require the subframe to be dropped. Just want to know if I can use re-use these bushings again when re-installing the subframe.

We have, on our shop #HTSpecTSX, we have removed and installed the subframe multiple times and they are still functioning normally. We would say that no, in our experience, these would not need to be replaced with a few subframe removals.

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  • June, 19
    By Silver Surfer, Street Performance Enthusiast
    Install is very easy and straight forward even though the instructions are in Japanese this was done without lift. And for people with 4 point braces you can still use them I have a Cusco one. After install one thing that will have to be done is a front wheel alignment its crazy how off our subframes are! My conclusion its worth every penny and wait time. I'm from New York; home of the pot holes ,and it literally cut the cars movement over bumps in half to nearly nothing on others. This by far is one of the best mods I've done to car to date

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