SPC Alignment Adjustable Rear Arm Set (3 arm set), ONE SIDE, 2009-14 Acura TL Base FWD & SH-AWD UA8 UA9, 67540

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SPC Alignment Adjustable Rear Arm Set (3 arm set), ONE SIDE, 2009-14 Acura TL Base FWD & SH-AWD UA8 UA9, 67540

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Regular Price: $307.45
Sale Price: $245.96

Part Number:
Part Type:
Camber-Alignment Set
Vehicle Fitment Note:
All Base FWD & SH-AWD
Product Count (per qty 1):
1 per wheel


Read: sold as 1 kit per wheel Order QTY two do adjust both the right and left rear suspension!

Camber kits are nothing new in the vehicle modification world. However, today's vehicles with sophisticated suspension geometry require innovative solutions to correct negative camber that comes with such popular modifications. That's why this SPC kit comes with a whopping 3 arms, when in the past a single arm to adjust camber was all that was needed! Why three arms? The main reason is because of "binding." As the rear suspension on the later Honda and Acura models goes through its cycle, the arms don't just rotate on their pivot points. They actually move in a way that "steers" the rear hub carrier, to give the vehicle excellent dynamic traits in corners. Simply changing one arm to get the camber in spec would actually alter the suspension geometry, creating a poor handling situation.

Furthermore, the degree of camber adjustment needed would cause a single-arm adjustment to twist and tweak the other arms' bushings as they try and compensate for the odd-length arm. So, SPC elected to swap out the other affected arms in the 5-link system to make the most reliable and stress-free solution they could. An added benefit of this kit is with more adjustment arms there is more flexibility in setting the alignment. The toe-control arm is replaced, allowing more toe adjustment than stock (which can be important because with extreme camber angles sometimes the factory toe range is not enough); and set-back, which is a dimensional length of hub relative to the chassis (watch the video below).

SPC's solution isn't the only one for this car's rear suspension camber needs (an alternative is the Ingalls 35623 set), and it isn't the cheapest, but is it definitely a great solution. And since it was first to market, it happens to be quite popular as well!

Because of the extra complication all these arms bring to the mix, adjustment can be trickier than you expect. It is recommended to watch this SPC video before attempting to install and adjust the arms:



Here is the manufacturer's standard copy:

The Honda Accord and Acura TSX and TL Rear Adjustable Control Arm Set (3) provides; +/-3 degree camber adjustment, additional toe change, and +/-1"et-back / wheel base adjustment. Whether you need alignment changes to adjust for ride height changes, prepare for a weekend of road racing or correct suspension damage, this 3 piece arm set will provide more adjustability than you could ever need. Attention: The sequence of arm adjustments made is extremely important when upgrading this multi-link system. See SPC-TV.com for in-depth information on this kit and how it will work for this multi-link suspension.

Applications: -

67540 - Rear Adjustment Range:
Camber: +/-3.0 degree Toe: +/-1.0 degree,
Setback: +/-1.0">
Installation time: .8 hr/side
Required: 1 kit per wheel Order QTY two do adjust both the right and left rear suspension!

More about SPC Performance

Learn more about SPC Performance

Customer Ratings + Reviews

Reviewed by Jeremy
on Jan 17, 2022
After installing several sets of these on multiple cars, I finally installed them on my own. Super easy to install and dial in. Highly recommend these.
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