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SoCal RAIN got you DRAINED? Get to the track!

  • Posted: 01-27-2017 02:49 AM
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Hello all!

I recently attended my second track day with my new-to-me AP1 S2000. Wait a minute...second track day?!? What about the first one? Well...not as much as i'd hoped. I went to Buttonwillow Raceway Park back in early December, and while good times were had, the GoPro took a dump, and I had to run with a faster Run Group which resulted in constantly having to yield to faster traffic. The end result being that I finished out the day without a single, clean hot lap to use as a baseline. So while it was great to get some seat time and familiarize myself with the car a bit more, I don't have much else to share. I do have a sweet picture though, courtesy of my friend and fellow S2000 enthusiast, Shane Portnoff from Aliso Viejo Auto Service.

So, I'd planned on evaluating the exciting Honed Air Guides at the second track day, as well as get that baseline hot lap we've been itching for. Unfortunately, the Universe had other plans, as a canoe may have proven to be a more effective tool for cutting fast laps. But you know what? I ended up having the time of my life anyway!

This track, Willow Springs International Raceway, is located in the high desert here in SoCal where they receive hardly any rainfall, and our timing was either terrible or wonderful, depending on how you look at it. On the morning of Saturday January 7th, the heavens opened up and let loose. It was S-L-I-C-K out there. They event organizer had 28 cancellations; I’ve never seen such low attendance! It proved to be an amazing day however, as it became a hands-on classroom session in car control and with the track practically empty, I was able to get a little nutty. I spent a good portion of each lap going sideways, or otherwise searching for grip and learning to listen for what the car was asking for, rather than trying to force my will on it. And you know what else? A simple SD card re-format and the GoPro was working! I pieced together this little ditty for you, beloved reader! Isn't this hilarious??! (see video above)

Conditions for testing on the Honed Air Guides were not good, so we’ll give that another shot at our next track day on 2/12 at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway! And remember folks, if you ever have an opportunity to do a track day / HPDE in the rain, by all means DO IT!! I had more fun, and learned 10x more than I ever get to at these things. And not because of the low attendance and resulting increased seat time, but because you are effectively being thrown into the deep end of the car control pool. And in a lively car without any electronic driving aids whatsoever like the Honda S2000, it's sink or swim.

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David Walker Since childhood, David has been fascinated by machines, particularly those that move from A to point B a little faster; be it land, water, or air. David attended a technical school and studied automotive technology with a focus on engine machining and assembly.


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