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Skunk2 Timing Chain Tensioner, 340-05-0002

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Timing Chain Tensioner


Honda isnÆt perfect. As good as its K-series engine is, its tensioner has its problems. But Skunk2 has the solution its Pro Series Timing Chain Tensioner. ItÆs never been safer to run big cams in your K.

Timing chain tensioners are simple but important. Take HondaÆs K-series, for example. The crankshaft keeps the intake side of the chain tight but itÆs the tensionerÆs job to do so for the exhaust side. Without it, the cams would start spinning but ultimately just sit there doing nothing. HondaÆs design incorporates both spring pressure and engine oil pressure. At low engine speeds, when oil pressure is low, the tensionerÆs internal spring moves its piston toward the timing chain guide, reducing chain slack. As engine speed and oil pressure rise, the spring relaxes and oil pressure pushes against the piston. But HondaÆs spring doesnÆt always work as youÆd expect, and excess tensioner piston travel and timing chain slack when oil pressure is low is common especially during start-up when the sprt to control the exhaust cam slamming shut all by itself. All of this can lead to engine damage, even on unmodified engines. Worst of all, youÆll never know any of this is happening until itÆs too late.

The problem is intensified once camshafts with aggressive closing ramps and/or stiffer valve springs are added. When the exhaust valves close while idling or during start-up, the tensionerÆs piston slams back toward its housing, which causes its teeth to bash against its ratcheting mechanism. This isnÆt a good thing since the ratchet and piston teeth are the only things that prevent the piston from being pushed in too far, which would otherwise lead to a dangerously loose timing chain that can potentially jump teeth, so keeping it intact becomes even more important. Once the pistonÆs teeth wear down, the safety mechanismÆs gone. Meanwhile, as the tensionerÆs spring struggles to resist the exhaust camshaftÆs closing motion, the timing chain continues to slack, which is obvious by its kinking in t region near the camshaft gears. All of this is caused by a spring thatÆs too weak to counteract the exhaust valves slamming shut and weak, undersized piston teeth that wear from repeated bashing against their ratcheting mechanism. Until now, the solution was to ügadd a clicküh to the OEM tensioner, which reduces tensioner piston travel but doesnÆt solve the overall problem. Stiffer springs have also been experimented with, but neither solution addresses the bashing effect and potential for worn piston teeth.

Skunk2Æs K-series Timing Chain Tensioner fixes all of this. Pro Series Tensioners are machined from high-quality 7075-aluminum, heat-treated, and feature stiffer, OEM-quality springs that prevent the exhaust camshaft from slamming shut at low engine speeds and eliminate chain slack, even under low oil pressure conditions where the factory spring would have been compromised. Skunk2Æs tensioner also includes an upgraded 16mm diameter piston (1.5mm larger) with a larger ratcheting mechanism featueeper and wider, hardened-steel ratcheting teeth for extra protection?the ultimate fail-safe to ensure against excessive piston travel due to worn teeth. Skunk2Æs tensioner also fits tightly against the timing chain guide to ensure against rotational movement, which can exert uneven load against the ratcheting teeth. Even the factory-designed oil passages and check valves are retained, which means the tensioner remains lubricated and pressurized just as Honda intended.

Pro Series Timing Chain Tensioners underwent hundreds of hours of engine dyno testing in order to simulate the most extreme conditions possible, like low-rpm (low oil pressure) testing complete with some of the most aggressive camshaft and valve spring combinations available. Test engines were also repeatedly shut down and re-started to recreate the harshest timing chain tensioner environments possible.

Have you eliminated your K-seriesÆ weakest link?

High-Grade, 7075 Aluminum Construction
Stiffer, OEM-Quaty Spring
Larger And Stronger Internal Piston
Larger And Stronger Ratcheting Mechanism
Retains OEM Oil Passages And Check Valves

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