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Site News: A New Cart & Checkout Page Are Coming

  • Posted: 12-10-2015 06:35 PM
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Over the last two years, much development has been done to the front end functionality of While more work is planned site-wide, it is time that we give the cart and checkout pages some much needed functional improvements.

More accurately, we are completely replacing them!

Our current pages provide users with a smooth process from Add-to-cart, to checkout. However tasks such as getting quotes has been cumbersome, and sometimes customers had experienced issues with final checkout due to payment errors.

Goals for our new cart and checkout pages will provide the following customer advantages:

  • Total-price lock-in within the cart itself, including shipping costs.
  • Completely responsive for best cross-device function.
  • Easier management of profile and address information.
  • Clear error reporting with on-screen solutions.

Of course, we'll be keeping popular features such as the Address Confirmation, Insurance, Pay-Later, and Local Will Call.

We look forward to improving shoppers' experiences by the end of the year.

Is there some function you are wishing for? Definitely let us know about it by emailing or calling now!


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