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TEIN Suspension STREET BASIS Z SBZ Coilover-Damper Kit inc. Upper Mounts, Acura TSX 2004-08 (ALL), GSB48-81SS2

Part Number:
TEIN Suspension
Product Line:
STREET BASIS Z SBZ Coil-Over Damper Set (inc. Upper Mounts)
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TSX, 2004-08 (All Models)
Front & Rear
TEIN Suspension STREET BASIS Z SBZ Coilover-Damper Kit inc. Upper Mounts, Acura TSX 2004-08 (ALL), GSB48-81SS2

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    Upper Mount Bushings

    Choose between the OEM or reinforced Type-S style bushings


    The Tein Street Basis Z Damper kit offers OE-level quality with height adjustment at an entry-level price. Most users looking for a spring and damper combination that offers a sportier street-ride quality than stock, but with to have control over the height of the car as well will find that the Tein Street Basis Z (often referred to as the SBZ) fits the bill well. Combined with springs that are conservatively chosen for increased cornering loads and management of weight transition, this system forgoes many often-unnecessary adjustment features for the casual user.

    Lowering range for this single-length adjustable kit is moderate, being adjusted with threaded collars and spring seats. One should expect a drop that is noticeable and gives the car a more aggressive stance. When adjusted within it's recommended range of about 1.5" to 2.0" lower thgan stock, the Street Basis Z offers daily usability of the car with sufficient ground clearance for most obstibles. If someone is looking for a suspension that will totally-slam their car then a kit with full-length adjustment as recommended. Feel free to contact us for more details on a recommendation there.

    More on the adjustment of the height...Tein offers some of the industries finest spring seats and locking collars. They feature flanges that prevent the wrenches from falling off the collars as you are turning. And those wrenches! They are some of the longest in the industry and an ergonomic shape, which allow users get the most torque for easier adjustments. Lastly, a thin, delrin spring seat washer enables the lower seat to spin freely against the bottom of the spring. (Unless you've handled a suspension kit like this before, some of the features just mentioned may not mean much...but we promise, you'll appriciate that Tein thinks as much about the tuner as they do the tuning.)

    The fixed damping level reduces the user's need to stress over damper adjustments. Tein has tuned this SBZ system to be a compliant yet sporting setup out of the box. High-speed damper inputs do not upset the chassis while low-speed damper movements (such as undulations on the highway) are more tightly controlled. This improves driver confidence allowing you to mash your commute with a little more fun, without breaking your back.

    The Tein SBZ does not include new upper mounts, relying on the user to swap upper mounts from the stock suspension assembly. If they are worn it may be advisable to replace these with new parts. On select applications, Heeltoe Automotive will offer an option to add new factory upper mounts to their order, enabling them to keep the factory assemblies intact.

    The Tein Street Basis Z is a kit evolved from the Street Basis kit, which itself was an evolved design from the Basic damper kit. With it, they refined the dampening rates to appeal to a broader audience, added corrosion resistance to the threaded section, and improved the bump-stops to improve longevity. Tein continues to develop their product line which is what makes them a leader in today's very crowded coil-over damper market segment.

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    Customer Questions


    Which tein line is best for a great handling when alone and comfortable for four


    We recommend the Street Advance for the ability to adjust the ride softer or firmer to fit your tastes. If more overall performance and control over the vehicle height is needed, definitely look at the Tein Street Flex. Combine the Street Advance with the Tein EDFC to control the shock settings for varying road conditions as well!


    Do these come with an adjustable damper?


    The Street Basis does not have adjustable damping. For this, you would need a Street Advance kit.


    How is the ride quality of the tein Street basis? is it like stock?


    it will feel comfortable enough, but more sporting than stock. The SB is designed to be compliant and responsible for a simple, daily use sports suspension. However if you will be more particular as to the finite ride and handling characteristics, getting a dampening adjustable kit such as a Street Advance kit.

    Q:Will these coilovers fit my 2005 honda accord Euro R (CL7)?
    A:Yes, they will.

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