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TEIN Suspension FLEX Z Coilover-Damper Kit, Acura TSX 2004-08 CL9 (FF), VSB48-C1SS3

Part Number:
TEIN Suspension
Product Line:
FLEX Z FZ Coil-Over Damper Set
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TSX, 2004-08
Front & Rear
TEIN Suspension FLEX Z Coilover-Damper Kit, Acura TSX 2004-08 CL9 (FF), VSB48-C1SS3



14% below retail


The Tein Flex Z is a product line that is evolved from the STREET FLEX SF damper kit system. Historically, FLEX kits from Tein are sets which are readily adapted to many uses, from street to track driving. For the STREET FLEX SF variant, Tein softed the damping levels and extended stroke range to make the damper kits more tractable for daily use. For many years, Tein product carried the banner of performance value by making damper tubes that could be torn down, overhauled, and re-valved.

As the market evolves with emerging entrants and an increasing need for value, Tein re-designed their popular STREET FLEX SF line and renamed it the FLEX Z. The "Z-line" moniker has been added to the Street Advance Z and Street Basis Z, and represents a damper tube with similar internal construction as the outgoing overhaul-available "non-Z" product, but a new outer tube which is sealed. Rather than rebuilding worn dampers, users now will simply purchase replacements.

Newer manufacturing techniques, as well as revised springs that do not need spring seat adapters, allow the new Z-line to come in at a lower MSRP. Tein has literally reset the typical value proposition for assembled full-length damper kit with the FLEX Z. Many users are surprised at the pricing that Flex Z dampers can be had at assuming they are a compromise in quality, or that they are now made in China rather than in Japan. Neither is correct as these parts are still made from scratch in-house by Tein Japan with much of the same internal components that have made Tein products reliable and refined solutions for street-sport applications.

Tein Flex Z offers many features highly valued by users including:

  • Twin-Tube System for Comfortable Ride on Streets
  • Full-Length System for Ride Height Adjustment w/ Minimal Change in Ride
  • Damping Force Adjustable to Change Ride to Desired Settings
  • Compatible with EDFC Series to enable In-Car Damping Force Adjustment
  • Upper Mounts Included for Easy Installation
  • Highly Durable & Reliable
  • Thoroughgoing Rust-Proofing
  • Smooth Ride Height Adjustment & One-of-A-Kind Adjusting Wrench
  • No-Sag Springs
  • High-Spec Damper Oil

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Customer Questions


I was wondering if these would fit on a 07 Accord. I know a lot of TSX parts are interchangeable with the CM6 chassis and I was wondering if this was the case with these. Thanks!


This Tein TSX kit could be adapted to a 7th generation accord fairly easily, yes. You just need some washers in the rear to fit them in the rear knuckles properly.

Q:What is the spring rate with the Flex Z set? I'm more into comfort now I've had stiff BC coilovers and K sports which I hated so I wanted to look at teins but was torn between street advance and flex Z set mainly because of included top hats also concerned about spring rate as well so which are better?

The spring rate on this kit should be 12 front and 7 rear. These are not "soft" rates for the TSX, but are good "medium" rates. They will be compliant but sporting. The main plus with the Street Flex Z is the full-length adjustment which means that you can have more height options. If you are not looking to go more than about 2" down, the Street Advance is perfectly awesome! Although the springs are a bit softer with the SA/SAZ the ride will be more compliant. You aren't going to give up tons of performance either, so if you aren't tracking the car it should be a viable option. We're happy to give more direct consultation over the phone as well. 949-295-1668

Q:Will I be able to drop and tuck tires on these coils or are the bC coils my only option. Trying to achieve low functionally but don't want to sacrifice quality.

This FLEX Z damper set should be good for a 3"-3.25" drop which certainly will tuck the tires a little (based on knowing that a 2" drop is enough to get a very tight finger gap at the fenders, an additional 1"-1.5" will definitely be tucking.

Q:Bought this set from you guys recently but haven't had a chance for install. Will be doing it next month. My question is, what damper settings should I adjust to if you could recommend for exclusive daily street use? I would be switching over from some tein comfort sports which worked wonders for me and were great in terms of comfort and ride quality but are way too soft for my liking due to the 7/4 spring rate. I even had both the front and rear dampers set almost full stiff.

Thanks for reaching out! For our advice on turning your dampers, please read this posting and let us know if you need further advice: How to tune your adjustable coilover/damper kit for the street.

Q:can this tein damper be serviced if leaked??

This one cannot, the damper itself will be replaced on all "Z" line damper kits. Heeltoe has replacements available if needed.

Q:Do these come ready to install or is there adjustments to be mad prior to install

They come completely assembled and TEIN includes very detailed instructions on what adjustments you may need to do before installation.

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Craftsmanship / Quality:


  • Tein Flex Z TSX CL9 May, 26
    By Joseph Le, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    LITERALLY BANG FOR THE BUCK!!! I went from tein comfort sports to these on my tsx and these ride almost as comfy, but just perfect for my needs. Don't get me wrong, the comfort sports were amazing, just like any other tein product but were just too soft and too comfortable for my liking. Also, the comfort sports do not allow to go slammed or dumped but rather give a mild drop. Note that the price difference between these and the comfort sport are really far apart (the comfort sports quality and material are on another level from what I can see, but the flex z are still very good). I wanted something a little stiffer and sportier, while still maintaining good comfort. The flex z fit the bill just perfect. I set the dampening to the recommended settings at 8 (right dab in the middle of soft and stiff) for both front and rear. So far it rides very well and I haven't needed to adjust it yet. Handling and cornering has drastically improved as well. Keep in mind I daily my car and sometimes drive my kids in it when need be.

    I waited months after ordering this kit because of the high demand and production and it was well worth the wait!
  • Tein Flex Z Coilover kit January, 6
    By Alexander Gonzalez, Street Performance Enthusiast
    Most of us will take a look at the price tag attached to these new Tein Flex Z coilovers and be skeptical if Tein could possibly deliver a good product for the price. Well, let me be the first to tell you. Tein has hit the market with a GREAT product that will be unparalleled at its given price range. I have had the pleasure of installing these on my 05 TSX and I couldn't possibly be happier to have done so. Simply put, this suspension kit will deliver outstanding performance to any driving style with the exclusion of those competitive road warriors on the track.

    Your first and initial impression will be the packaging, subtle enough to fit into the trunk of your car. Yet, enclosed is a full on suspension kit ready to be installed and put to the test by any spirited daily driver.
    Installation itself was simple which is great for any DIY guru and equally as important to those who will have a trusted mechanic perform the work. The perfect fitment and simplified installation keeps labor costs down, which translates to more money in your pocket.
    Of course, this kit comes with the flexibility for a full height adjustment which will acquiesce to any enthusiasts preference. Wether you're looking to slam the car or simply give it a slight drop, the Flex Z kit will cater to your personal style with simple height adjustments. And of course, the tools required to perform the adjustments are included by Tein within the enclosed package. But nothing will leave a greater impression on the driver then the handling you will be left with once the kit is installed on your vehicle. I myself have taken the pleasure of enjoying some of the canyon roads throughout Southern California on these coilovers. Allow me to explain myself, the difference between stock suspension to these coilovers is night & day! The stiffness of these Flex Z's propels you through any turn and the car simply just hugs the road. One could almost say the suspension responds to the road before the direction of your steering guides the rest of the vehicle through the turn. The amount of confidence you'll be left with these coilovers is really a reflection of how great your car will handle. However, don't misunderstand me. I am not condoning any form of dangerous driving on public roads. I am simply juxtaposing the outstanding quality of this particular suspension kit by Tein versus the stock suspension included with the TSX.
    In summary, If you're in the market to upgrade your suspension but you don't intend to perform on a race track, you should really look no further. The Tein Flex Z coilover kit will fit your demand.
    And of course, Heeltoe has plenty of these in stock to fill that demand.

    Thanks Heeltoe!
    Sincerely, another satisfied customer.

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