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Medieval-Pro V2 Damper Kit by Tein, 1984-87 Honda CRX, XSB58-HZLS2

Part Number:
Product Line:
V2 Coil-Over Damper Set
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda CRX, 1984-87
Medieval-Pro V2 Damper Kit by Tein, 1984-87 Honda CRX, XSB58-HZLS2



21% below retail


Medieval Pro Damper Kit by Tein, 84-87 Civic/CRX 86-89 Integra.


Contents of Medieval Pro / Tein Damper Kit:

  • 2 front struts - short case - 16 point adjustable
  • 2 rear shocks - short case - threaded body - 16 point adjustable
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 pair spanner wrenches
  • 4 dust caps (to protect the click adjusters)
  • 4 bump stops
  • 2 spring seats - rear
  • 2 spring locks - rear
  • 2 custom upper spring seat adapter - rear
  • 2 springs - rear - your choice of spring rate

Here is a spring rate chart to help you convert spring rates from Kgf/mm to lbs/in!

Valving Specs:
Front Dampers, valved to be adjustable for torsion bar diameters available, from 21-31mm. The specific valving spec is to 7 kg-f/mm, plus or minus 2 kg. Revalving and rebuilding available at additional cost per corner.

Rear Dampers, valved for 280lb/5 kg springs, adjustable for +/- 2kg without revalving. Revalving and rebuilding available at additional cost of $110 per corner.


Read more about these second-version Medieval-Pro dampers here: Product Feature: Medieval-Pro Damper Kit Version 2

Customer Questions


Hello , Im thinking about buy medieval. Its gonna be principally for a street use , but I want to do track sometimes.You say : The specific valving spec is to 7 kg-mm. Is it good for my need? I dont really care about comfortability , I want performance ;)


For general street use, on a CRX, we would recommend using a 5 kg-mm springs in the rear. The ride will be firm and sporting, but not punishing. Good for daily use! And the dampers will be able to be adjusted to match these springs to your liking.


What spring rate would you suggest if the crx had a B series swap in it? Would you increase it due to the heavier weight?


We would recommend a minimum of a 5 kg-f/mm spring, paired with a minimum 27mm torsion bar up front.


Is there a warranty on the torsion bars and coilover kit for these?


We support a 1-year warranty against defect with the Medieval-Pro damper kits. The Torsion bars will be supported as well, although neither part is prone to premature failure.

Q:for general daily purpose crx, when getting this kit, I must also order torsion bars or is it optional?

You would be best served getting upgraded torsion bars and a panhard bar, yes. The torsion bar size may vary depending on the engine you have installed but most people will get 24mm or 27.5mm torsion bars for the street.

Q:Car is for street use, B18 swap, 27mm torsion bars. What is the reccomended spring rate?

We would recommend 4kg springs for more of a street-sport ride and 5kg for more street-performance.

Q:Will these fit an 86 civic si?

Yes, we have a Civic listing as well here: Medieval-Pro V2 Damper Kit by Tein, 1984-87 Honda Civic, XSB58-HZLS2

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