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Heeltoe Ships ASAP Every Time

ASAP. As Soon As Possible. While shipping doesn't always happen immediately, Heeltoe always ship as soon as humanly possible. Oftentimes we'll consolidate orders, or split them up, to make the most sensible shipments we can. We ship as fast as we can for the shipping fees paid, and if shipping is included in your order we don't slow your parts down. Read more on this page for further details on how we'll handle your shipments!

Shipping Included & Free Shipping
Inventory & Time In Transit
Shipping Carriers & Adjustments
Tracking Information
Delivery Problems & Damage

When Shipping is Included & Free Shipping

Cliff notes: Free shipping isn't free. It's included in the purchase price and it is not refundable upon return of an item originally sold with "free" or "included" shipping.

Heeltoe strives to limit the use of the term "Free Shipping" as it implies that shipping can somehow be made free, or is not included in the purchase price online. Shipping when not included in the purchase price, while free to the customer, is not free to the shipper. As such , it is wrong to call shipping free. So we prefer to use the term Shipping Included.

When shipping is included, it means Heeltoe is incorporating that shipping cost as part of the sale with a portion of the proceeds from customer's purchase. The shipping is in this sense paid by the customer but is not a line item on the sales order, receipt, or invoice. Because the original shipping fees are paid by the customer on an item where the shipping was uncluded, they are not refundable in the event of a return of said item(s).

On occasion, Heeltoe will use or display the term "Free Shipping" or refer to shipping as free in a promotion, advertisement, or posting on Heeltoeauto.com or other public website. So there will be no doubt, Heeltoe considers "Free Shipping" to be the same as "Shipping Included."


Inventory & Time In Transit

Cliff notes: In Stock status is not listed on Heeltoe. If the lead time for shipping needs to be known by the customer, the best practice is to ask before placing an order.

Time-in-transit is the time it takes for an item to arrive to the destination once it ships. The lead time stated in our shpping calculators is the time-in-transit does not include any lead time that may exist on out of stock items. Items in inventory will generally ship within a day or so of your online order. items not in inventory may take longer to ship (this is "lead time"), and so the time-in-transit is not an appropriate reference for how long an item will take to ship.

Heeltoe Automotive does not report inventory levels or stock status on our website as part of the normal shopping experience. The automotive aftermarket industry has a robust supply channel, and Heeltoe Automotive's resources allow us to ship most items for sale on our site within 24 hours.

However, there are many items which are back-ordered, special ordered, or made to order, and these items are not able to ship right away. Items which are higher in cost, or designated as "JDM," or other special notations, may have to be made custom or sourced from overseas. Lead times of 60 days or more are not uncommon for these items. Heeltoe Automotive will update the customer within a short time of their order, notifying them of the status of the items they are requesting.

It is the customer's prudent responsibility to contact Heeltoe Automotive PRIOR to ordering to confirm stock status. This will avoid surprises should an item require extended time to ship. Heeltoe Automotive does promise to unwind (cancel and refund completed) any order which, upon update on lead time, any order which has not shipped. If an item is stated as special ordered, and the customer agrees to the stated lead time to source the item, the customer agrees to wait the stated estimated wait time for the item to arrive.

In any case of cancellation, Heeltoe Automotive may consult the customer in an attempt to provide an alternative part if this is the case.


Shipping Carriers & Adjustments

Cliff notes: Heeltoe assumes your shipping carrier/price selection at checkout represents the maximum charge you wish to pay and the maximum time you want to receive products from the shipping date. We may adjust the carrier and method to suit.

Heeltoe quotes shipping for various available shipping options in the checkout area. These options are based on type of carrier (postal or other) and provide a time-in-transit estimate.

  • Shipping method or carrier may be changed to increase speed of delivery or reduce overhead cost (but only with respect to the customer's requested time-frame).
  • Most orders will ship via USPS or UPS. Drop-ship orders may ship with another carrier such as FEDEX or DHL, even if postal service is requested at checkout.
  • Costs may exceed the paid amount, and we may contact you to discuss changes needed.
  • Very large items may ship by freight (cargo truck), the charges of which may not be able to be estimated on the checkout page.

In all cases, Heeltoe operates with the customer's best wishes in mind. If any service concerns arise we urge you to Contact Us immediately.


Tracking Information

Heeltoe provides tracking information for all orders in the Orders history. First, Log in:

View Profile

In the profile, navigate to the Orders tab. Here you can click on an order which you'd like an update on or to view tracking:

Orders Tab

Tracking is shown within the Order, if available; simply click on it to proceed to track the shipment. A button to request further updates is also available:

View Tracking

More on tracking

Different carriers have nuances to tracking that you should know:

  • Shipping time-in-transit starts the day after the package is dropped off (a 3-day shipment dropped off on Monday should arrive on Thursday).
  • Tracking numbers can be generated from post-dated labels; we may make a label and give tracking today, but drop-off may be delayed. Details are available on the Order detail page.
  • Allow up to 24 hours for shipments to be scanned before attempting to track a shipment.
  • The USPS Tracking is generally not reliable.
    • The numbers can be recycled, and may show odd delivery information until they get re-scanned.
    • They may not appear dropped off when they actually have been.
    • They may show Delivered even if they may not have been delivered yet.
    • Other weird stuff can happen...when in doubt, call your post office!



Delivery* Problems, Shortage, & Damage


Damaged Shipments

If a shipment arrives in a damaged box, inspect the contents for damage. If damage is found, refuse the delivery if possible. It is ok to open a package before accepting it in the presence of a driver to ensure it is complete and in good condition. Whether you unpack it before or after accepting it, we do encourage unpacking and checking all packages right away to make sure you are happy with the contents. There are typically only 15 days to file a claim on a damaged item, so it is imperative that we are contacted as soon as possible with details of the damage including pictures if available. Notification of a package with damage must be made within 5 business days of delivery* for a claim to be started.


Lost Shipments

For shipments where the tracking shows that they appear to be wandering aimlessly around the country, or confirmed delivered and nowhere in sight, we encourage you to Contact Us right away to start an investigation with the shipping carrier (please note that oftentimes the USPS requires up to 30 days waiting before they officially call a package "lost," assuming it has not been labeled as delivered*). Notification of a lost package must be made within 5 business days of delivery* for a claim to be started.


Order Shortages

When you receive your package, inspect the contents to ensure completeness and integrity of the items within. If you seem to be missing items, first check your Order History for details as your order may arrive in multiple shipments. If you still feel items are missing, Contact Us right away for support. Please note, contact must be made within 5 business days of delivery* of your package for us to guarantee the contents inside. We'll stand behind our service with your timely reports of accidents.

* Note that "delivery" is classified as when the carrier's tracking information reports an item as "delivered."




Heeltoe insures every package sent. Although we do offer additional order insurance available at checkout. This insurance is to alleviate the wait-time in between shipping claims and re-shipments. Shipping claims take time to resolve, but with the insurance we offer, we'll more promptly re-ship or replace your lost or damaged order. By purchasing this insurance you are covered up to $250 in part value and $50 in shipping fees.

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