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Shea Racing Helps Heeltoe Kick Off An Exciting 2016

  • Posted: 03-03-2016 05:03 PM
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2016 is panning out to be a huge year for Heeltoe. Indisputable.

  • We're gaining traction with an all new logo and brand identity. We've launched a rebranding campaign that we know enthusiasts will love and want to share with friends. 
  • Customers' support of our Spring Sale 2016 is massive. Our sales and site stats are still coming in but they are huge jumps over previous years. 
  • Our new website is operating strong and reliable. With very few kinks being fixed, we are seeing great feedback from users.

All that has been very exciting, and a bit tiring. But the most rewarding thing we are participating in this year is our sponsorship of Shea Racing in the Pirelli World Challenge. Heeltoe came in a bit late, but provided some really critical parts and, we hope, really helpful advice to get them finishing as far up in the standings as possible.

Running an individual business is a challenge. A racing team carries all the management hurtles, with tons of planning and execution steps needed throughout. This article touches on the effort that goes into such an organization. Without the support of parts and financial backing, racing becomes something that only really rich people could do. And that is just not very fun!

Heeltoe's support Shea's 2016 Accord has taught us that teamwork and cooperation are the only solid ways to win a race, and we are honored to be posted on the side of Shea's car, right alongside Stoptech, Koni, and Eibach (all of whom are Heeltoe brands, btw). And of course, Bubba Burger, which I've never had, but will most definitely have next time I see one.

Be sure to watch PWC TC racing this weekend, and cheer on Shea and Jason! Link here for scheduing and streaming details.

While the SR Accords are battling for track positon around COTA's corners, know that Heeltoe is here in the corner of their garage as well as your own! Let us know how we can help you :)


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