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RV6 Performance V3 Race J-Pipe, 2003-07 Honda Accord V6 CM

Part Number:
RV6 Performance
Product Line:
V3 Long-Tube J-Pipe
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda Accord, 2003-07 (V6)
RV6 Performance V3 Race J-Pipe, 2003-07 Honda Accord V6 CM



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The RV6 V3 long-tube J-pipe design is the result of months of hard work and testing. Four hours of dyno time was spent testing everything from piping sizes to tube length in order to tune this J-pipe for maximum gains. Over 10 revisions were made to the initial prototype in order to equalize runner length and most importantly maximize ground clearance. By tucking one pipe behind another RV6 was able to do this with minimal cutting to the splash guard. By completely removing the 3rd cat, runner length was increased in order to take advantage of exhaust gas scavenging.

Dyno tests were performed on an unmodified 2005 Base TL 5AT with a J32A3 engine on a Mustang dyno. Higher gains are to be expected with the manual transmission model cars.

The gains with the RV6 j-pipes typically range from 10-15 hp and 7-10 lb-ft of torque.

Customer Questions


I want to do from the header all the way back . Do you have a header that fits to the j-pipe, then exhaust?


Your vehicle is not be equipped with traditional "headers." Before going further, we would suggest reading this article regarding the exhaust layout on your J-Series Engine equipped vehicle: An Outline Of The Exhaust Layout On J-Series Honda V6 Engines

We can provide a complete set of exhaust components from the engine to the tips, and will be happy to consult you on the needed items.


Can this J-pipe be paired with a magnaflow catback exhaust


Yes, it can! can provide the Magnaflow exhaust system as well.

Q:Will this J-pipe bolt up to an otherwise stock 06 Honda Accord V6 exhaust system?

Yes, it will!

Q:Will the J-Pipe make a significant difference in the sound?

It will make a difference in the tone, making it a little more grumbly and aggressive. But it would not make the exhaust any louder, nor should it impact drone or resonation.

Q:Will this fit fine with a TSUDO catback exhaust?

Yes this part will fit with that exhaust.

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