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RV6 Performance Race Downpipe, 2008-12 Accord (4-Cyl), I4PCD_ARD-0812

Part Number:
RV6 Performance
Product Line:
Race Downpipe
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda Accord, 2008-12 (4-Cyl)
RV6 Performance Race Downpipe, 2008-12 Accord (4-Cyl), I4PCD_ARD-0812



10% below retail


When the K24Z3 was first introduced, many people were disappointed with the integrated exhaust manifold that made conventional headers obsolete. This is especially true since the K-Series platform produced some very impressive performance gains with quality headers. When you look at the OE converter, you can easily tell it was designed to be made cheaply and mass produced. The components are stamped and welded with no consideration for turbulence or restrictions. This, combined with a secondary catalytic converter, causes the exhaust to be restricted, robbing significant power.

The RV6 I4 Precat delete (PCD) and High Flow Pre Cat (HFPC) for 08+ Accord and 09+ TSX equipped with the K24Z3 engine. The RV6 I4 Precat delete replaces the highly restrictive O.E precat with a free flowing contoured casting and 2.5ö tubing. The entire assembly is made of high quality 304 stainless steel and a TIG welded by master welders.

Estimated gains are around 15WHP+ and 10WTQ+. Also offered is a test pipe and high flow cat to replace the 2nd cat which will yield even more horse power.

- 304 Stainless cast flange sections
- 304 Stainless 2.5ö tubing
- TIG welded
- Argon back gassed for pure welds

All necessary hardware for installation

RV6 will warranty the castings a welding for 24 months.


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Customer Questions


Will this part cause a CEL?


This part does delete a converter and that can trigger an engine light. There is a provision included that will prevent the light from coming on, however the car's computer may get wise and throw a light anyway. While you should not get a light if this item is installed correctly, it is hard to guarantee that you may not get one at some point.


So this header will replace the stock header on a 2012 honda accord lx sedan? Just bolt on and replace the stock header?


Correct! Downpipe, header...this is the part that bolts to the head and goes under the car to the exhaust.


Are 02 bung 90's that come with this the defoulers or just an extension for clearance?


They are defoulers, and they are angled for clearance. So the answer to your question is: Both!


Will this mess with emissions in California?


This part is not legal for road use in any state, including California.

Q:If my car has the stock 2.25 inch piping, would I need to convert the piping of my exhaust to 2.5 inch to have this fit direct bolt on?

This pipe will bolt up to your existing piping since the flange is designed with the same bolt pattern.

Q:i know it says fit for 4l cyl but would it fit on a 6cyl

This part is specifically designed for a 4-cylinder car. If you have a V6 you would instead order the PCD set: RV6 Performance V3 PCDs (Precat Deletes), 2008-12 Honda Accord V6

Q:Do these come with o2 defoulers?

RV6 pipes do come with defoulers where necessary, yes.

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