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Revving up for Cyber Turkey Day 2015: Register now for specials!

  • Posted: 11-03-2015 02:44 PM
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Black's become a holiday. An event. A day that creates mixed emotions for Americans; we love deals...but we also like kicking back! And like it or not, it is here to stay! is looking to help you get SOME of your planning out of the way early this year. So we are allowing you to register to receive your 2015 Cyber Turkey Day specials right in your email inbox where you cannot miss them! The best'll only get deals that matter to YOU. Read on!

In last year's Cyber Turkey event we asked you to do a really simple task: to create an account or log in, add a car to your vehicle garage, and sign up for our mailing list. Many people did, and our Black Friday weekend was a great success for customers that bought everything from exhausts to superchargers to lip kits at the lowest prices we can offer!

THIS YEAR, we turned things up! HTGarages have more cool tools to make your profile stand out!

We have added MORE Honda/Acura models, MORE engine options, MORE vehicle options, and MORE functionality! 

To go along with the's HTGarage updates, we are going to give MORE DEALS to more customers as well! All you need to do is register! We'll deliver the specials right to your inbox!

Register your car for our 2015 Cyber Turkey promo:

  1. Visit your garage (you'll need to be logged in). If you don't have an account, Sign Up and add a car!
  2. Fix the CEL on your vehicle's profile in the Garage by telling us about it (see below for tips!):

That's it! You are registered to receive HTMail We'll ONLY send off promos that relate to the Active vehicles in your Garage! The deadline to register is November 21st!


Here are some more tips on using the HTGarage:

  • Enter dates for "Aquired" and "Sold," Stolen," or "Wrecked" to sort and categorize your cars.


  • Update your vehicle picture and Trim level to preset your car's engine. And don't forget to select your color!


  • We also give you an option to tweak your engine specs if you've swapped your block or heads.


  • Finish off by confirming your transmission and drivetrain!


Enjoy the HTGarages! This section of our site is unlike anything you will find elsewhere on the net, and we are going to continue to grow and use these pages for great promos and features down the road. We'd love to know what features you'd like to see us add here next! Email


Maxime-Olivier Ouellet
11-08-2015 08:06 AM at 8:06 AM
Euh....don't you know we can swap engine! I have try to upgrade the engine of my teg for a k20 but coulnd t find the option...
Administrator Note:
Go into your Garage, select to "Modify" your Interga. You can change the engine family and then swap the block and head.

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