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Learn and Shop: Chassis Reinforcement

Chassis reinforcement items perform a similar purpose to chassis bracing, however with an important distinction. While bracing in generally meant to tie remote or adjacent areas to the chassis together, reinforcements are meant to strengthen singular areas of a chassis.


Frame or chassis areas that in cross-section form an open structure can be boxed in, tying the open elements together forming a "box" shape that is more resistant to bending or twisting (imagine a " [ " shape being boxed in to form a " [] " shape).


Thin sections of material can benefit from building up layers of reinforcement on both sides, making other members mounting to it more stable (imagine how " |= " can be made stronger like this " ]|[= ", where " [ " are sandwiching reinforcements).


When two flat planes are attached at a right angle, a triangular gusset plate can be installed in a third perpendicular plane to reinforce their angle.

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