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RB Performance (Racingbrake) Front UP Brake Rotor Pair (Slot), 2004-08 Acura TL Non-Brembo UA6, 90761 90762

Part Number:
RB Performance (formerly Racingbrake)
Product Line:
UP Brake Rotor (Slotted)
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TL, 2004-08 (Base Non-Brembo Caliper)
Front, Pair
RB Performance (Racingbrake) Front UP Brake Rotor Pair (Slot), 2004-08 Acura TL Non-Brembo UA6, 90761 90762



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Racingbrake UP Rotors - ULTRA PERFORMANCE. Racingbrake has done something really unique in the brake rotor world. THEY DESIGNED AND MADE THEIR OWN ROTORS. And they did so with the goal of making the best rotor available as OE replacement. The UP rotor from Racingbrake performs better and cooler, and lasts longer than the competition.

    A unique combination of features allows the Racingbrake UP rotor to last 2-3 times longer than most others. Other brands rely solely on drilling, slotting, or colorful paint to market their rotors. Racingbrake blows all others away with a comprehensive list of TRUE upgrade features! :
  • Curved Cooling Vanes - Pump more air through rotor allowing it to cool off quickly and evenly (promotes better pad material interaction with rotor surface).
  • Formulated Iron Material - RacingBrake iron is formulated to optimize performance and durability. The alloyed grey iron forms a uniform microstructure that allows for increased strength (no cracking or warping) and wear resistance (last longer).
  • Heat Treat Process - Further refining of microstructure, and increased hardness for even greater wear resistance.
  • Patented Open-Slots for superior dust and gas evacuation.
  • Reinforced hub - Vanes extend into hub area providing strength and resistance to warping
  • EDP coating - Non-friction surfaces feature a black Elecro-Deposition Paint to completely coat rotor preventing unsightly rust, even in the slots or drills if applicable

All Racingbrake castings have the manufacturer and lot number incorporated so you know these rotors are not simply engraved re-badged rotors. Racingbrake IS the manufacturer of their rotors. All Racingbrake rotors are dynamically balanced for vibration free operation and feature a final cross-cut to promote ideal pad bedding.

You simply cannot go wrong with Racingbrake UP rotors whether your goals are better performance or eliminating the need for resurfacing!

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