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Project #OGiantKillerCRX: Parts From Japan Boost Turbo Direction

  • Posted: 01-24-2016 02:22 AM
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Where we left off waiting on the turbo manifold fitment, to see which direction we'd be going with the turbo selection. The flange on my existing manifold was a T3, which was going to make it hard to get an appropriately sized turbo as-new. Fingers are crossed that my analysis of old HKS documents and the image is accurate and it is a smaller T25 flange!

But it can take a while for parts to come from Japan, even though I've paid for air shipping. I decided to dig into the CRX by reinstalling the old manifold and turbo to see what kind of room I am going to have to work with in the event my manifold will require a new turbo and thus a new downpipe. I'm really quite concerned that the need to fab a new outlet and downpipe which will make keeping the AC really tough.


Because it is impossible to remove anything on the front of an engine installed in this chassis, I need to remove the AC condenser and radiator. Thankfully, the entire front end of this car comes off in 5 minutes.


Beauty shot of some under-hood JDM label-age.


A short time later core support is bare, and I begin to pull the factory exhaust manifold.


Reinstalled the old original turbo manifold, and get ready to set the turbo in place.


Using this charge-pipe bend, I figure I can probably route a downpipe over the compressor and under the turbine housing to keep the AC in place.


It looks like if I need a new turbo and a new downpipe made, it is not going to be an impossible proposition to keep my AC. But the stock radiator is going to get in the way for sure. I'll need a half-width radiator, which is actually a common item for people with these chassis to seek out. Space is at a premium for sure.

Not a couple days later, I get a special delivery from Japan! Heeltoe is able to get parts pretty fast when needed, and it is my pleasure to experience this fast service for myself and not just provide it to customers!


In my best Jesse voice, "…overnight parts from Japan."


A brand new exhaust manifold!


And it has a T25 flange!


So, it would seem that the HKS books were right, and the "official" turbo package for this kit as a T25 turbo. I've never been so happy to get a "wrong" part. It is curious to me where the imcumbant T3 turbo manifold came from, though. I am not sure if Jackson installed it originally, or if was replaced at some point later on. The mystery is sort of moot now though, since we'll be needing a new turbo for this project. And, by extension, a new downpipe. And, by virtue of that, I am going to need a half-width radiator.


Medieval-Pro to the rescue with a custom-fabbed race radiator.


The radiator issue is not a problem, as Medieval-Pro offers a Ron Davis Radiator that is a half-width, full-aluminum piece of hardware. With custom SPAL mounting flanges in place, and completely made to order, I am not only excited to sell these radiators, I'm thrilled to have one on the #OGiantKillerCRX. The only sucky part is it will take 10 weeks for it to be fabbed up! This is going to require some I want to make sure that by the time it is done I can get the car into fab for downstream exhaust parts.

The boxes from Japan, amongst other plastic bits for the car, included a couple mechanical parts.


I've had this vintage HKS EGT meter forever, but never had a temperature probe for it. A probe and leads came in.


And some ratty old spark plug wires.


The plug wires might seem odd, but these are actually OE wires off of an original brown-top ZC engine. Honda had wires made by Sumitomo in a special red for these first DOHC engines. The look was amazing for a factory engine on an economy-type car. Here is what the engine looks like with a complete, original setup:


Picture courtesy


My hope is to replicate this original look, but with the mega-performance capacity inside!

Next time, we will be exploring turbocharger options, as well as our engine internals. Stay tuned for that!


01-24-2016 02:18 PM at 2:18 PM
The t3 was original from Jackson racing
Administrator Note:
Thanks for the info!

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