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Progress Group Suspension Rear Sway-Bar, 24mm Adjustable, 2004-08 Acura TL & TL-S, 62.0110

Part Number:
Progress Group
Product Line:
Adjustable Anti-Sway Bar Kit (24mm Adjustable)
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TL, 2004-08 (ALL Base, Sport, & Type-S)
Progress Group Suspension Rear Sway-Bar, 24mm Adjustable, 2004-08 Acura TL & TL-S, 62.0110



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Progress Suspension anti-roll bars (or sway bars) dramatically improve handling by reducing the traction-robbing body ügleanüh that rolls part of the outside tires off the pavement. Progress Group's Sport-tuned Anti-Roll bars replace skinny OEM bars and rubber bushings with larger diameter (stiffer) alloy steel bars and polyurethane bushings. More roll stiffness means less body lean, and the tires stay flatter on the pavement (larger contact patches). The result is more grip and added driver control!


  • Less body roll means more traction, faster cornering speeds, and increased driver confidence.
  • Polyurethane bushings produce crisp response on turn-in.
  • Installation does not impact alignment angles
  • Ride quality is not impacted over straight roads; only noticable while cornering or transversing uneven surfaces.

Progress Anti-roll bars are cold-formed in-house using custom-built precision bending equipment. Both laser-cut and CNC bar ends are MIG welded in place using a precise fixture for an exact fit.

For best street performance resusts, use in conjunction with a posrts damper kit, such as the Tein Super Street or Basic Damper Kits.

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Customer Questions

Q:Will this fit with aftermarket exhaust? The OEM swaybar has very little clearance as it is....

Yes this sway bar is not known to have any exhaust clearance issued. We've had none reported in the 10+ years we've sold the part.

Q:Does this have a bar for both front and back or is it universal for the 3rd gen TLs?
A:No, there isn't a front sway bar from Progress Group for your car.
Q:Where can I find the front sway bar?
A:There aren't currently any recommended sway bars for the front. If you don't have a TL-S then the TL-S front bar is a good one to get. Honda Genuine TL Type-S Sway Bar Front Kit, 27.2mm Diameter Solid, for use on 2004-08 UA6 Acura TL

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  • A must buy! December, 22
    By Gabriel Figueroa, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Install was easy on the Rear Progress bar! I also added a TL-S front sway! and man does the car handle a lot better with the two! I'm very impressed of how much a difference it made just by adding sways on the TL. the Progress rear sway is high quality and welds compared to the factory fragile looking puny rear sway lol. Thank you HeelToe!
  • A must item December, 4
    By JPN850R, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    When you find strut tower bar, Brembo brakes & 6 speed MT, you think of the car as sport sedan. No, the 2004 TL, as is, is a joke. Too much body roll/lean at corner even at slower speed. The suspension set-up is mundane at best.

    Not so with this rear bar, HR 28mm front bar, Ultra Racing brace & PCI compliance bearing combined. All the items I mentioned should have come from the factory as OEM but Honda cheaped out. If you plan to keep your TL for a long time, remove the OEM parts, throw them away and replace with these parts. Only then will you know what "sport sedan" is about; your TL will be a totally different machine.

    Made in USA is a nice touch; I'm willing to pay extra over made in China.
  • Improved handling September, 9
    By Callahan (acurazine), Street Performance Enthusiast
    Install went smooth. Seems to handle better, if you have the time I recommend also getting a thicker front sway bar.
  • Great Product February, 24
    By Sean (AnthraciteAspec), Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    If you are into the handling and performance of your TL, this is a must have part. This goes best on a manual TL or a TL-S. Or if you have already upgraded the front bar on your auto TL. If your base auto TL still has the stock front bar, this one might be too aggressive for you and you should look into the OEM type S rear bar. If you have already upgraded or have a type S bar up front, then this one works great in the rear. Another note: running this bar can lead to cracked mounts. I would suggest only running this if you have a lowered/stiffer suspension and be prepared to shell out extra to buy some reinforced mounts should you have issues. That said, I have been running mine for 2 years now and am still on the stock mounts.

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