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Product Update: Announcing the ATLP V2 Quad Cat-Back Exhaust for SH-AWD TLs

  • Posted: 01-17-2016 08:48 PM
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ATLP has long been a brand of desire for Acura owners. The distinctly European-styled, handcrafted tips are made from raw tubing in the USA for each and every system. The muffler canisters are constructed from raw materials with packing material imported from Germany. The result is a look and sound that is unlike anything else available for the modern Acura and Honda car.

The ATLP offering for the 2009-14 Acura TL Base FWD and SH-AWD TL has stood apart as one of the most sought-after exhaust systems on the market. A large-capacity 3” section splitting to a dual 2.25” tailpipe configuration* into the single-in, dual out mufflers has proven to gain power and give the car an aggressive growl, without sounding obnoxious. Terminating in massive, quad 4” tips, the ATLP Quad Cat-Back for 4th generation TL’s has class and style that competitors simply cannot match.


ATLP V2 Quard SH-AWD system pictured.


And for 2016, the ATLP SH-AWD TL Quad-tip system has evolved. Amid resounding praise, some owners of Automatic-transmission equipped TLs found that additional sound deadening would make this great system even better.



So we are now offering the system with optional, custom-made, hand-built resonators in the tail sections. These auxiliary mufflers are specifically designed to reduce interior sound levels in the dreaded 1500-2500 rpm range, where automatic transmissions for engines to reside during normal driving.

We also made minor tweaks to the muffler boxes themselves, adding a bit of length to both the canister and the tips, allowing a slightly more balance look when users are installing Genuine Acura A-Spec lip packages.


These mufflers are included in all Base FWD and SH-AWD systems, starting in 2016.


The enhancements we made to the ATLP SH-AWD system were enough that we are re-releasing it as the ATLP V2 Quad Cat-Back system. We still refer to the Base FWD system without the "V2," even though it does come with V2 mufflers now.

Find them both on sale on today!

*SH-AWD Models. Base FWD are 2.5" systems splitting to dual 2.25" tailpipes.


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