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Product Preview: Honda S2000 Brake Cooling Air Guides from Honed Developments!

  • Posted: 12-21-2016 01:04 AM
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Santa made a pit stop at Heeltoe this year on his way back from Summer Break. Apparently he was in Australia hanging out with the good folks at Honed Developments. We've had an eye on this talented group from Down Under, who specialize in Honda parts development for those enthusiasts who value tangible performance. Honed Developments mostly work with the Golden Age Hondas of the '90s, but recently released a part for the beloved S2000!

Heeltoe's own AP1 S2000 will be the lucky recipient of Honed's New Brake Cooling Air Guide Kit. What are these Air Guides, you ask? They are specially designed, plastic air vanes that divert airflow from under the car up into the brakes to help with brake component cooling.  They install quickly and easily onto the lower control arms using wonderfully designed brackets and high quality fasteners. They are also very lightweight to reduce any penalty in unsprung mass. For drivers who want improved brake cooling without having to modify bumpers and snake a couple feet of ducting through spaces where clearance is already at a premium, these are just the ticket.

Admittedly, these are not a new idea. Just a really good idea that has been made available for some popular Honda performance platforms. In fact, major auto manufacturers have been equipping performance vehicles with these for quite some time. Case in point, Mitsubishi's popular Lancer Evolution series. My very own Evo VIII has them! 

Part of the beauty of this kit is its simplicity- not a whole lot to go wrong here. Just better heat dissipation. A few brackets and fasteners and off you go! In the coming weeks, we will be testing these at the track and reporting back to let you know how that went, as well as our observations on the installation process. Until then, feast your eyes on a few pics!




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