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Product Feature: Medieval-Pro Damper Kit Version 2

Heeltoe Automotive originally developed the Medieval Pro damper kit back in 2007, and since that time the performance, both in function and sales, have far exceeded our expectations.



At the time, Heeltoe was one of the very few companies still supporting the torsion-bar Honda platforms, and we recognized a short-body damper kit was in definite need for the cult-ish 1984-87 Civic/CRX and 1986-89 Integra models.


Now in it's 8th year, we have elected to bring the Medieval Pros a leap forward. Some based on advanced technology developed by our technical partner, Tein USA, and other based on customer feedback. Here is a tour of the updates we've made!


Front damper tube design: You'll note the brake line bracket is more substantial now, and the lower stop for the dampers (the part that goes agains the knuckle) is more conventionally shaped. This allows us to key the bracket to slot in between the knuckle-slot, giving a properly orienteted bracket postion. Also note that damper cases are approximately 4mm smaller, allowing for slightly more space to the wheel, or a slightly wider wheel, as needed.



Extra travel from the washer/collar arrangement: A carry-over from the V1 design is an option to remove a washer from the top-mounting location of the shaft. The bump stop can then ride-up onto the collar, giving that smidge more travel that makes all the difference in a torsion-bar Honda.



Total front damper stroke: As you can see, the shart length on the V2 design is revised, and but bump-stop is re-specified. The net result is a whopping 1" more travel in the front than from the V1! Masswive 22mm shafts are carried over, to provide strength and rigidiy needed in a front strut.



Rear: The rear dampers do not have many external changes but are not left untouched from the benefits of V2 enhancement. It should be stated that all V2 dampers, front and rear, feature the new Advance needle from Tein, which had a broader adjustment range as compared to the V1 "Super Street" based kits.



Rear again: The one major external change is to the threaded sleeves, which are now coated with an anti-corrosion finish to be more durable in varying environmental conditions.



The Medieval Pro damper kit is truly a unique and specialized product. A lot of people refer to them as Tein dampers for these early cars, and given that Tein makes these part for us, it is true. But the development work we have invested in these kits highlight our proficiency for tuning these medieval chassis, and we believe these dampers are aptly called Medieval Pros!


10-23-2015 03:39 PM at 3:39 PM
Thanks for the write up, these are the best dampers for our old Hondas. Definitely worth the $. Ive owned the Koni, tokico, ground control for the EAT civics and these by far are the best. Thanks heel toe for continuing to provide products for these future classics!

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