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Product Feature: EndlessRPM 3rd Gen TL Quad-Tip Performance Exhaust

  • Posted: 10-02-2015 03:07 PM
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When EndlessRPM set out to make their 2004-08 TL Quad-Tip Performance Exhaust, they consulted with one of the best in the business: Magnaflow Performance. We recently had an opportunity to take some nice beauty shots of a an EndlessRPM, Quad Cat-Back Exhaust System for a 2007-08 Acura TL-S*. We'd like to share some of our observations here!

This is a full cat-back performance exhaust system, meaning it attaches to the rear of the last catalytic converter in the system. Because no emissions control parts are tampered with, this system is completely emissions-legal. All parts needed to install are included!

* Those in the know realize this system will fit all 2004-08 TL models, provided a rear lip or rear bumper from a 2007-08 TL-S is installed.


Magnaflow employed their signature lap-welded end caps to mufflers of their own design for this EndlessRPM system. According to EndlessRPM, these are not off-the-shelf mufflers. They were custom made for this cat-back to give it a bespoke sound. Also note, the highly-polished quad-tips!

All Magnaflow mufflers feature a wide-open, straight-through design which allows for optimal performance. The cans are made of heavy gauge steel, and packed with a resilient packing that will stand the test of time.



Piping is fabricated out of 2.5" 409 Stainless steel, which has a duller finish than 304, but is corrosion resistant and a little more workable and resistant to cracking. The EndlessRPM cat-back benefits from Magaflow's great robotic-welding program. Most of the MIG welds are done in a perfectly consistent fashion.



The front flange and y-split are designed around production parts, allowing a strong system that is easy to produce. Using pre-fabbed flanges and stampings allows EndlessRPM to keep the exhaust system's cost down.


When shopping for your next cat-back system, consider the EndlessRPM Quad Cat-Back system, available at! EndlessRPM also make s a Dual-tip system for the Base TLs, as well as an expanded line going into the 4th generation TL market. Also available are j-pipes for added performance.

See all of EndlessRPM's offerings on Heeltoe Today!


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