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BC Racing BR Series, Swift & Extreme-Low Unboxing & Product Lap

Heeltoe Automotive offers the complete line of BC Racing Coil-over damper kits, including all the custom options you want to get the perfect set for your car!

Swift springs are offered to improve the quality and consistency of the ride. Custom spring rates can be selected at no extra charge, and include appropriate damper valving changes. The Extreme-Low option gives you a shorter damper to allow for the lowest drop possible (for those looking to lower 3.5″ or more).

Check out this video from Heeltoe showing you more of the features of the BC Racing coilover kits, in living color!

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BC Racing Coilovers: Implications of Ordering Custom Spring Rates

Many people are aware that BC Racing will allow you to customize your coilovers to your liking. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering a custom BC kit.

  • Swift Springs upgrade is mandatory for rates above 18k. This is because BC does not make a wide variety of springs (length, diameter) at rates above 18k. The Swift Spring upgrade does come at an increased cost as well.
  • Off the shelf, your kit can handle spring changes of 2-4k in each direction. Beyond that will require shocks with different valving.
  • Any kit that varies in specification from its “Off the Shelf” version is considered a custom kit. These are not eligible for cancellation or return once your order has been processed, and the build time will be 2-3 weeks. You must be committed to your custom kit, so be sure to think about this before you place your order!

With this information, you see that BC Racing has a lot of flexibility and capability when it comes to building a kit tailored to your specific needs. is the place to go for all your BC Racing needs, from mild to wild.