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Heeltoe’s Take On Alloy Crank Pulleys for Honda/Acura Engines

Aluminum crank pulleys have been a popular upgrade for tuners for ages. Today, there is still a lot of hay made about the detrimental effects of billet crank pulleys on Honda engines because of removing a mystical item called a “harmonic balancer.” Heeltoe’s contention is that while harmonic dampers and balancers are important on many engines, Honda engines by-and-large aren’t equipped with them. Run your billet crank pulley with confidence and enjoy the revs!
First we do a quick weigh-in on various pulley brands, specifically for the K20 application (citing the TSX K24A2 in the video). It was surprising to see just how light these pulleys are!

Saving weight off the crank really helps the engine rev and sending more power to the wheels. The benefit is faster acceleration and better response.
Some of these pulleys are smaller than stock, called “underdrive” pulleys, which have even less mass and spin the engine accessories (power steering, alternator, and A/C compressor) more slowly. This reduces parasitic drag. For the MOST power gain, get an underdriven pulley!

But there is some discussion online about these pulleys harming the engine. This video also includes a general info lecture on exactly what the suspected issues are and why we don’t really subscribe to the doomsday-sayers.

It is a highly debatable issue (even though many find their viewpoints to be strictly undebatable). The fact is, we’ve never seen actual evidence to support claims of engine damage that weren’t muddied with all kinds of other variables. We’re still waiting for the missing link in the “I installed a pulley” and “I had an engine problem” tale…so for that reason, we aren’t subscribing to the idea.