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Team Why-49 & The Curse of Y-49 : A History Lesson

Surfing on Facebook earlier this Throwback Thursday, I happened upon a post of a CRX for sale which was Y-49 in color. The vehicle was in a bit of poor state, which triggered a chill up my spine…further evidence the curse of Y-49 is still true to this day.

Naturally, I shared it on my Facebook wall.

In the comments, you will find the startling question in reply to my statement that the curse was alive and well: “How so? Are the yellow ones all cursed?”

Clearly, the seller deliriously citing “Y-49 original yellow paint” and “Body is straight” as “pros” indicates he is feeling the dreadful after-effects of the Y-49 paint. They are selling the car after only a few weeks of ownership. I mean, look at this poor thing:

How sad. But this is really just one in a string of long-cursed applications of Y-49. Unfortunate VINs of yore cursed with this hue, 3rd generation Preludes and 2nd generation CRXs have suffered untimely, sometimes inexplicable, always un-Honda-like, fates. So much so, it was documented on an old Geocities domain from a group dubbing themselves “Team Why-49.”

Sidebar: if you are under the age of 31, sidebar. (?) I lost you @Geocities. Frst, WHT was Geocities? Linkup: Wikipedia, y0! (because no matter how much your teacher will not think Wikipedia legit, it mostly is).

Back to our story… with a little Googleing I came across a Honda-Tech post linking me to the original page! Here is an actual link to the Geocities page, which, even though Geocities closed in 2009, is still alive today!

Ok, apparently Yahoo! does have a pretty good sense of humor.

Team Y-49 was a sub-set of Y-49 vehicle owners who were part of which was probably the next-best, long-lasting CRX website after the CRX Resource* took a dump (although I personally preferred This group made a site that WAS hosted on Geocities, but since that was taken down the page was emulated here:

On it, there are the main member’s cars, a bunch of other people’s submissions, and what was called a “Guest Book,” which on websites back in the day was a place where people could post up their own contributions to the site. I’ll leave the challenge of digging into this site to yourself.

Warning, it is not likely going to resolve well on a phone, since these phones were “the shit” when this site was a known reference:

I will give you this little navigation tip:

So there you have it. A little background on the curse of the Y-49. Don’t own a car that is painted Y-49. And if you do, sell it or be prepared to share your story in our comments!

PS: If you choose not to believe any of this, consider yourself fortunate, as you have not be impacted by the curse yourself, as I have.

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* Hey! is still active, but, not CRXy anymore…last updated 2008