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DC Sports Updates the TSX Header Design – Better Flex at Last!

Many 04-08 TSX owners are familiar with the DC Sports header, which is known to be a great bargain in terms of power-for-dollar. Also, it is one of the only available headers with a CARB Exemption Order number making it legal for street use in all 50 US States.

However many are also familiar with an issue with the flex joint failing over time (sometimes, in a very short time). These failures cause a noticeable and embarrassing leak and reduction in power.

Today we have some awesome news! DC Sports management has recognized the issue and developed new flex joints that hopefully will do away with this issue once and for all! Here we have a prototype of a DC Sports new design alongside a failed unit, to compare.

Old DC Sports AHC6016 for 04-08 TSX on the left, new on the right.
Outside the old flex looks fine…
Inside tells a different story.

We have been informed that the new flex shown in the images is the new standard design, which is significantly better than the outgoing version. But DC is not done working on this issue.

According to DC Sports, the demand on the flex is pretty intense causing the failures. In discussion, they told us “We are actively testing one now without the flex joint and one with a much higher quality flex joint. Once we have enough milage under real-world driving we will decide which is the better of the two options.”

We expect that they will choose an option that does retain flex since this is good for relieving stress on the pipes and helps prevent cracking as the exhaust moves with engine torque.

For now, you can buy a pipe with confidence that the flex issues of the past have been resolved! (Note the date of this posting relative to posts or search results from the past…anything older than 2021 in date is “old news.”)