Intake & Exhaust

3rd Gen Acura TL ATLP / XLR8 Exhaust Comparo Video

ATLP is a renowned brand in the Acura community for providing and exhaust with a look that is aggressive and timeless and a sound that is intoxicating without being overt. XLR8 is a staple of the Acura TL community as well, providing an exhaust that is crisp and clean looking but has the sound of a performance exotic. There are many videos online showing how each sound, but until now we know of no truly well-made video that compares the two back to back.

In this exclusive video, we bring the sounds of the ATLP and XLR8 Base and Quad systems to life in true HD sound, back to back on the same cars, for you to use to choose a system with confidence!

* Note, we have selected non-resonated systems for the sound test as the sounds will not be obviously changed with resonators, which are designed to reduce interior sound. Interior sound clips were taken but not used as they were nearly indiscernible from each other. The sound of both systems is apparent in both cars in normal driving, and the drone is minute. We realize drone and its impact on the livability of a system is a subjective balance. Heelote’s recommendation: If you want to hear the exhaust, don’t get a resonator. If you don’t want to hear it inside the car as much, get one. If you are not sure, don’t get one and weld one in later as needed.